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  1. No he is a journalist for a rockzine that was shooting ELO in Los Angeles. Looks dead on like Waters though. Funny.
  2. Talked with Audrey today. Just calling to say hello, and it ended up turning into a Q&A session about Zeppelin again. (shocker) lol. LoveinHerEyes5789 passed along some questions for Audrey, and I can't resist Audrey's tales. Audrey told me of Robert's jealousy and how "hot dog" was based on Robert's disappointment of coming back to Texas after the 77' tour and finding the fact that Audrey had begun seeing Bad Co. guitarist Mick Ralphs. She said Robert was hopping mad. She told me that after a show (sometime between Chi & NY) Robert grew tired and asked Audrey to accompany him to bed. Audrey waited for Plant to fall asleep, and then proceeded to party with others. Robert was angry about this and asked Audrey to "go home". Audrey flew home to Dallas, reconnected with Robert via telephone, and flew back to meet up with the band at the hotel they were staying at. She was told by Robert the night of the Dallas show "not to pack" for the tour due to the fact that everything would be "taken care of" for her. The Saks Fifth Avenue shirt seen in the pics of her and Robert in the park in Chicago was bought that day for her. Audrey also went on tour with: Rolling Stones, Bad Co., ELO, Rod Stewart, Kiss, and still communicates with many of them. She ran into Jimmy Page in NYC a few years back and actually turned down an invitation to have lunch with him. Shame on you Audrey. lol.. more to come. Here is a pic of Audrey with friends out in LA when she was hanging with ELO.
  3. Sorry guys, very busy with work and other time wasting matters. I plan on visiting Audrey in April and hope to have some good pics and new stories. I am working on update at the moment, but won't be up here till Friday. We have talked a few times back and forth on the phone. Neal Preston and I spoke re: pics of Audrey and he isn't to keen on releasing those. (no surprise) but I did pass Audrey's number to him at his request so maybe we will have some luck. Audrey & Robert kept in contact until the early 90's. Nothing intimate but she would visit the hotels or clubs when Plant would pass through Dallas. I will have some more info soon guys. Thanks for the interest.
  4. I am aware of the lyric. (hence my name) Just keep in mind, sometimes lyrical "imagination" helps write a song. And alot of groupies lied abouth their age to the band. Audrey was also in an open marriage at the time of the 77 tour. And they were married for a few years at this point. Audrey was 20.
  5. Chicago. In a park close to the hotel they were staying at. Photos were taken by creem magazine.
  6. Talked with Audrey today and had to correct/revise/add some notes. (Remember Almost Famous?) lol I am really close to getting some rare pics, and will keep you guys posted. I plan on visiting Audrey in Texas very soon, hopefully that will bring some new stuff as well.
  7. I asked that question, no romance with Page. She said that was a big "no no"
  8. Thanks guys. Glad some of you find this stuff interesting. The pleasure was all mine.
  9. Finally tracked down the famous "Hot Dog" Audrey Hamilton today. I always wanted to hear her story. I started researching and was finally able to track her down, still living in Texas. I sent her an e-mail and really did not expect to hear back from her. Today, as soon as I arrived at band practice, my cell rings....... (band practice was delayed) It was Audrey. She was more than happy to answer my questions, and really made me feel at ease. Audrey told me she was 20 years young when she met one of the band's roadies at a Dallas nightclub. She told me that the band (or at least) Robert was in Dallas weeks before the tour kicked off. Audrey had met a roadie at a Dallas blues bar, who would invite Audrey to meet the band at their hotel. When she met Robert at the hotel, the two hit it off immediately. She was invited to “go on the road” by Robert. She spoke of a night aboard the chariot that involved her and Plant locked in a room, while outside, security had taken the clothes of several “female guests”. She spoke of the famous photos and cleared up some of the locations of the famous pics of her with Page/Plant. The "SS" hat pic was on a flight after the Chicago shows, and the outside black and white Plant pics were taken in Chicago as well. The pics of her in the limo with Plant and Grant were from the Cincinnati show. She was with the band all the way through the tour. She was actually out shopping with a Dennis Sheehan, (who would later become U2’s tour manager) when the news of Plant's son got to the band. When she arrived back to the hotel, Plant was gone, and Audrey was on her way home. I asked what happened to the romance, and she told me that after that tour she began to date a close friend of Plant's. This upset Robert. I asked if they continued to talk after the 77' tour, and she said they did, but she was not going to "wait around" for him. We both laughed about that. She still to this day has a few rings of his among other items. It did pull at the heart strings a little when she said, " I should have waited, I don't know." She said they talked for a while in the 80's and she did confirm that "Hot Dog" was written for her. She was fully aware of the heavy drugs on that tour, and when I asked about Jimmy, she just said: "Jimmy was a full blown heroin addict." She told me that Bonzo was very serious and stern when he told her aboard the first flight: "DON'T LEAVE MY SIDE" and "Be very careful" She didn't seem to keen on John Paul Jones, and said the feeling was mutual. She went as far to say that Jones "hated" her, and called her a "home-wrecker" She told me the only time Plant asked her not to walk off the plane with him was when they got to NY. There was a very strong feeling from talking with her that the romance was very real, and very passionate. Funny story from the interview was her recollection of Jimmy's obsession with transvestites. She said Robert would point out the transvestites hanging around Jimmy’s suite while on the tour. (Royal Orleans)??? She said there may have been some tension coming from the other members due to the time Plant was spending with her, instead of hanging with the band. She told me about her daughter who's father is Ace Frehley, and how after she was born her "rock n roll" lifestyle stopped. She also confirmed she was in an open marriage at the time of the affair with Robert. She did not recall the "drink throwing" story that had her throwing a drink on Page's face in 1983. She then said, "well, I could have done it. who knows." My favorite part of the interview was her telling me that she would throw a rose on stage during "Going to California" and Plant would ask her to trim the thorns off before doing so. Plant would always put the rose in his pants, and wanted to avoid injury. Audrey told me the band would pick a “base city” and usually fly back and forth between shows. Audrey continues to live in Texas, and has considered co-writing a book with other girls from the era. Such a nice person to talk with. She is going to try and get me some pics from her collection that would be interesting to see. If anyone has any pics, stories, questions for Audrey, please let me know. I will do the best I can to help. ..
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