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  1. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind... although I wanted to get something in here in case I didn't keep it in mind...
  2. Kansas City Green Bay (although I may change my mind there. I just can't decide)
  3. Went 1-3 last weekend and 3-1 this weekend... but truly would have happily gone 1-3 this weekend if the one could have been the Ravens. Ah well... (okay, I think I got that right, but since I've had some wine today, I won't swear to anything I may have just typed. Except I wish the Ravens had won...)
  4. ebk

    2019 NFL Thread

  5. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    Opening day March 26th vs the Evil Empire! I'll be there, but I don't think we're going to Spring Training this year, mostly because we have Sturgill Simpson tickets on March 15th and the season starts so early that I just can't work that out at work. Ah well...
  6. San Francisco Baltimore KC Green Bay Home cookin'
  7. Can I go 0 and 4 this weekend? Sure, why not... Sigh......................................
  8. Woohoo!! A good start to the year
  9. Hi Sam. Happy New Year! I read the forum from my Unread Content page and I had it set to Condensed (top right). That choice shows only the thread title and I can get more threads on the page. Yesterday, the forum has shifted to Expanded (showing the thread title and the first few lines of the latest post and a lot of white space) and even though Condensed is still showing as an option, it doesn't seem to work. Is this just a temporary glitch, or is this the was it will be going forward? Thanks so much!
  10. One day, we should all have a meal together. You all will cook. I'll eat Happy New Year everyone!!
  11. Buffalo New England New Orleans Seattle And Happy New Year all!!!
  12. ebk

    LZF 2019 NFL Pool

    Congrats @Bong-Man!! And thanks again, Sean, for all of your hard work here. It's appreciated!
  13. ebk

    2019 NFL Thread

    The only good Bayless is his brother Rick who cooks great Mexican food in Chicago. So there
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