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  1. It's a conspiracy! Although I'm truly not sure who would be conspiring to have the Astros and Braves in the Series. Maybe someone who hates baseball...
  2. Good riddance to Jon Gruden. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out...
  3. Why? I think it worked out pretty well...
  4. Giants Brewers Saux Sox I have spoken!
  5. I don't totally hate the Saux. However, I am watching the Tonys tonight. Because I love theatre more than baseball. At least this year.
  6. Our last game of the season today. The weather is perfect. The team is not. I renewed my seats for next year. I'm a glutton for punishment... Although as we like to say, we're going for the company and the beer. So it works.
  7. It was a tidy haul of stuff. And a very entertaining game! Unfortunately, the weather delayed the start of the concert until after 11 and we just weren't going to sit around for a couple of hours, so we left pretty soon after the game ended. Ah well... next time.
  8. 3. And a tshier, umbrella and water bottle. Using my season ticket points. Also, the Avett Brothers are doing a concert after the game. If it doesn't rain which it looks like it's going to do right now.
  9. Hey now! We're leaving for the game now. We will definitely liven up the proceedings. Maybe
  10. ebk


    Sorry Sean, but I have to say that I'm very happy that Novaxx lost. He's a total jerk, and this way, hopefully the story will be the ladies final, which was fab.
  11. Wait - you mean this isn't true? https://www.theonion.com/horrified-anti-vaxxer-discovers-every-american-who-got-1847644353
  12. I think this is the most rational thing I've read so far.
  13. Our long, national (okay, local) nightmare is over - the Os win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The commissioner says that those will go away after this season - they were just pandemic responses. He'd better keep to that because both of those things are awful. What it thin - Little League?? (Although if you look at the Os these days, your answer might be "yes").
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