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  1. Which is too bad since that means I'd be on the cutting edge for once in my life...
  2. It's out - on Apple TV. Got pretty good reviews.
  3. Hamilton Worth the 7 bucks to Disney for a month. Really, really worth it.
  4. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    Admittedly, I haven't been paying really close attention, but I thought there would be no fans at these games. So, the Astros dodge yet another bullet...
  5. You're so welcome! This makes me very happy because I love Rhiannon! I've only seen her twice in concert, but I try to watch the Austin City Limits and Infinity Hall Live concerts on PBS whenever they're on. She was supposed to replace the sainted Audra McDonald in a Broadway show a couple of years ago, but the producers decided to close the show instead because tickets sales fell off too far. Which made me very sad because I'm sure she would have been fabulous, and the Broadway audiences aren't familiar with her so they didn't buy the tickets. Everyone's loss... Enjoy!!
  6. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    Trey Mancini has stage 3 colon cancer. Hall of Fame induction postponed until next year. 2020 sucks
  7. Astaire-Rogers is always a good choice. Swing Time is my favorite.
  8. ebk

    Quarantine poll

    Definitely 4 and 12. Then... probably 11, but maybe 2... I'd need my Broadway show tunes in there at some point
  9. Yes, The Wharf. And that weekend, I was supposed to see Sturgill Simpson at The Anthem there, so yeah, things were really weird. It's a nice area, just hard to get to. Next year sounds good! Take care of yourself and your lovely family!!
  10. Great pics! You should have called - we could have met for drinks!! Next time...
  11. Thank you. We're having roast beef and sweet potatoes tonight. I've been trying not to pour the wine during the day while I'm working from home. So far, I've been successful. But as soon as I shut the computer off, it's wine:30!! Tonight is a lovely French red blend. Hope you and Mrs. cp are well!!
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