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  1. I didn't see the Gary Oldman Dracula, but I can tell you that in my misspent youth, Frank Langella was IT! I loved his Dracula (onstage and on film), and I loved the soundtrack to the movie.
  2. We were this close to a tornado last night. Pretty scary for about 15 minutes. Fortunately, it passed our neighborhood and things are bright and sunny today. I hate weather.
  3. Fosse/Verdon Everyone should watch.
  4. Audra McDonald tonight at the Hamilton.
  5. Well, that game was fun. Until is wasn't... It was a beautiful day though. That's something.
  6. ebk

    MLB Picks Pool 2019

    Rick, Walter is doing this pool. And he did answer a couple of posts up when he said he made the change for you.
  7. ebk

    MLB Picks Pool 2019

    Guess that depends on your definition of an April Fool...
  8. Looks like a beautiful day. Love the flag picture. And the beer/pizza!
  9. ebk

    MLB Picks Pool 2019

    Rick, calm down... It's 3 and a half games. Unless that's your April Fools joke...
  10. Yes, that's what I meant. Under Go To Topic Listing, it used to say which section you were in (News, Ramble On, etc) and under Next Unread Topic, it showed the next unread topic in that section. So I knew if I wasn't interested in that thread, I needed to go back to my Unread Content page instead of clicking though. It's not a big deal, I was just wondering. Thanks for taking the time.
  11. How 'bout dem Os hon!!! First time we've been over .500 since last year's Opening Day. A dubious distinction at best..
  12. Hi Sam. I noticed that the forums look like they've been refreshed. I see that at the bottom of the page, the navigation buttons labeled "next unread topic" and "go to topic listing" have lost the name of the next unread thread or topic. Will those be reappearing anytime in the future? Thanks!
  13. Saturday - Gary Clark Jr at the Anthem. Finally!!!!
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