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  1. ebk

    LZF 2019 NFL Pool

    Thursday, Nov. 21 Indianapolis at Houston Sunday, Nov. 24 Tampa Bay at Atlanta Denver at Buffalo N.Y. Giants at Chicago Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Miami at Cleveland Carolina at New Orleans Oakland at N.Y. Jets Detroit at Washington Seattle at Philadelphia Jacksonville at Tennessee Dallas at New England Green Bay at San Francisco Monday, Nov. 25 Baltimore at L.A. Rams
  2. Just lovely. Thanks for posting more!
  3. Got my Os season ticket renewal notice today. Woohoo!
  4. Gorgeous - I especially like the bottom 2. Where are the other 145?
  5. ebk

    LZF 2019 NFL Pool

    Thursday, Nov. 14 Pittsburgh at Cleveland Sunday, Nov. 17 Dallas at Detroit Jacksonville at Indianapolis Buffalo at Miami Denver at Minnesota New Orleans at Tampa Bay N.Y. Jets at Washington Atlanta at Carolina Houston at Baltimore Arizona at San Francisco Cincinnati at Oakland New England at Philadelphia Chicago at L.A. Lambs Monday, Nov. 18 Kansas City vs SaD Chargers
  6. Don't be so hasty Rick. It's awards season! Or something...
  7. ebk

    LZF 2019 NFL Pool

    Thursday, Nov. 7 SaD Chargers at Oakland Sunday, Nov. 10 Detroit at Chicago Baltimore at Cincinnati Buffalo at Cleveland Kansas City at Tennessee Atlanta at New Orleans N.Y. Giants at N.Y. Jets Arizona at Tampa Bay Miami at Indianapolis Carolina at Green Bay L.A. Rams at Pittsburgh Minnesota at Dallas Monday, Nov. 11 Seattle at San Francisco
  8. Raining. Then raining some more. Hard.
  9. ebk

    LZF 2019 NFL Pool

    Thursday, Oct. 31 San Francisco at Arizona Happy Halloween! hmmmmm.... seems there's a game tonight. How inconvenient since I was taking a dear friend out to dinner. I'd have picked SF, but if it's too late, pretend I picked Arizona so it won't matter... Sunday, Nov. 3 Houston vs Jacksonville (London, England) Washington at Buffalo Minnesota at Kansas City N.Y. Jets at Miami Chicago at Philadelphia Indianapolis at Pittsburgh (ugh... can I vote for meteor?) Tennessee at Carolina Detroit at Oakland Tampa Bay at Seattle Cleveland at Denver Green Bay at SaD Chargers New England at Baltimore (Patriots first game against a real team with a functioning offense) Monday, Nov. 4 Dallas at N.Y. Giants (another meteor??)
  10. Thanks Rick. Pretty unbelievable!!
  11. Well thank goodness that worked out. Because I would hate to have to be more pissed off at that stupid, fucking umpire than I already am.
  12. Bettye seemed a bit more frail than the last time we saw her a few years ago. She's still feisty though, and she's in great voice! She said she's got an album coming out in a couple of month. Brombeg was great. A really enjoyable evening.
  13. David Bromberg Big Band with Bettye LaVette tomorrow night. The World Series better go 5 games.
  14. ebk

    LZF 2019 NFL Pool

    Thursday, Oct. 24 Washington at Minnesota Sunday, Oct. 27 Seattle at Sadlanta Philadelphia at Buffalo Sad Chargers at Chicago N.Y. Giants at Detroit Tampa Bay at Tennessee Cincinnati vs L.A. Rams (another stupid London game) Arizona at New Orleans N.Y. Jets at Jacksonville Oakland at Houston Carolina at San Francisco Denver at Indianapolis Cleveland at New England Green Bay at Kansas City Monday, Oct. 28 Miami at Pittsburgh Go Nats!!
  15. ebk

    2019-20 NBA Season

    Allez Les Boulez!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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