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  1. It was a good game and I hope the kid continues to be this good. Meanwhile, get the shot
  2. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    Not such a waste of time...for you...
  3. Get the shot, Rick. It takes a few seconds and the chances of any side effects are minuscule. I've never had any adverse reaction, and I can't remember the last time I had the flue. Just do it.
  4. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    Come on Paul. We all know this season doesn't really "count" so it doesn't matter who wins. Except, of course, if the Os win. Then it counts
  5. I'd also buy official merch. Meanwhile, I'd like to warn you all about redbubble masks. While the art is very nice, the masks are cheap an ill-fitting. Keep that in mind.
  6. Thanks for thinking of me! It rained a lot here overnight and this morning, but not too windy. And by noon, it had all blown out and the sun was shining. And now, hot and humid again! A weird storm. Fortunately, we got the new a/c on Friday, so the house is cool again. Yay! Hope you're all doing well!!
  7. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    Happy Birthday Rick!! The Os aren't getting blown out at the moment, so hopefully they'll win for you!
  8. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    I would say, Rick, that you should just relax and enjoy the games now because this "season" will be over before you know it. Like by this weekend...
  9. The end times are upon us. Olivia de Havilland has died... https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/olivia-de-havilland-dead-gone-wind-adventures-robin-hood-star-was-104-720040
  10. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    The more things change, the more they...don't... Can we go 10-50?
  11. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    Thanks for the thought Paul, but I think we can skip it this year. If the season actually happens, we can do a post-season pool. How does that sound?
  12. Baseball! Real, live baseball!!!
  13. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    Yeah - you remember that weasel, right? He doesn't want the short season to be even shorter, he just thinks that's what will happen. I hope he's wrong.
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