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  1. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    And I thought I was feeling depressed before. Thanks for nothin'...
  2. ebk

    MLB Picks Pool 2020

    Sigh........... this is all so depressing.
  3. hahahahahahahahaha We've noticed they're getting a little shorter. They used to be "taller" than I am, but lately they only come up to my shoulders...
  4. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    Nothing! Spring Training is lots of fun and the Mets' facility is really nice. I was impressed at the renovations they've done. Bought my Opening Day tickets today - yay!
  5. Congrats to jabe and the lovely Mrs. Walter!!! And thanks to you, Walter, for doing this!
  6. ebk

    2019 NFL Thread

    I'd happily watch that!
  7. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind... although I wanted to get something in here in case I didn't keep it in mind...
  8. Kansas City Green Bay (although I may change my mind there. I just can't decide)
  9. Went 1-3 last weekend and 3-1 this weekend... but truly would have happily gone 1-3 this weekend if the one could have been the Ravens. Ah well... (okay, I think I got that right, but since I've had some wine today, I won't swear to anything I may have just typed. Except I wish the Ravens had won...)
  10. ebk

    2019 NFL Thread

  11. ebk

    2020 MLB Thread

    Opening day March 26th vs the Evil Empire! I'll be there, but I don't think we're going to Spring Training this year, mostly because we have Sturgill Simpson tickets on March 15th and the season starts so early that I just can't work that out at work. Ah well...
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