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  1. ebk

    LZF 2019 NFL Pool

    Good grief, I almost forgot again. Oh, and woohoo!! Thursday, Sep. 19 TIME(ET) Tennessee at Jacksonville Sunday, Sep. 22 Cincinnati at Buffalo Miami at Dallas (I'm never picking Dallas... ) Denver at Green Bay Atlanta at Indianapolis Baltimore at Kansas City Oakland at Minnesota N.Y. Jets at New England Detroit at Philadelphia Carolina at Arizona N.Y. Giants at Tampa Bay Houston at L.A. Chargers Pittsburgh at San Francisco New Orleans at Seattle L.A. Rams at Cleveland Monday, Sep. 23 Chicago at Washington
  2. Ken Burns "Country Music". So far, fantastic!
  3. ebk

    LZF 2019 NFL Pool

    Almost forgot. Okay, I did forget...
  4. ebk

    2019 NFL Thread

    How 'bout them Ravens?! This will probably be the only week I get to say that.
  5. Oh come on... it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Honestly, it's still too close for me to feel comfortable. Because, you know, The Terps...
  6. Are you ready for some (college) football???? John seems to be... so I guess that means I am too
  7. ebk

    MLB Picks Pool 2019

    Thanks for keeping up with this @Walter!! Lord knows, I'm barely paying attention
  8. ebk

    2019 NFL Thread

    Betty White looks fabulous!!
  9. All those lines for the chicken sandwich Glad you're okay!
  10. ebk

    LZF 2019 NFL Pool

    Okay... I hate it when you're sad, Sean I'm saying right off, I'm not paying attention this year and will only pick the team I hope wins (or against the team I hope loses). So there. Week 1 Schedule THURSDAY SEPT. 5 Green Bay @ Chicago SUNDAY SEPT. 8 LA Rams @ Carolina Washington @ Philadelphia Buffalo @ NY Jets Atlanta @ Minnesota Baltimore @ Miami Kansas City @ Jacksonville Tennessee @ Cleveland Indianapolis @ San Diego Cincinnati @ Seattle San Francisco @ Tampa Bay NY Giants @ Dallas Detroit @ Arizona Pittsburgh @ New England MONDAY SEPT. 9 Houston @ New Orleans Denver @ Oakland
  11. Thank goodness you have your priorities straight!! Good luck! Be careful!! (and the same to @paul carruthers - hope you have a supply of Popeyes to last you!!!)
  12. He's a Tigers fan, being from Detroit and all. I almost bought tickets to the concert when they went on sale, but it turned out for the best that I didn't.
  13. So, because I love my brother and he's here for a couple of weeks from Italy and he'd never been to Nats Park... we went to the Nats game last night. The game that went into this morning... The best part was that Jack White was there before his show at the Anthem (which is right down the street). And he came back after his show at the Anthem (because it's right down the street).
  14. Mr ebk is a huge fan. We've seen him once in concert and may be seeing him again next month. He's good.
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