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  1. Cause nobody knowsWhen the good times have passed out cold...
  2. Regreting missing Beck this summer. I'll catch him next time around.
  3. So, is this a conspiracy to fuck the Bills or a conspiracy to further the Browns? Or 2 different conspiracies which happened to show up at the same game? That's funny, 'cause i remember batters and managers arguing with umps all season long. In fact, it seems like i've been seeing this my whole life. Let's not. And let's not pretend your a fan. It's just another activity for you to bet on. If sports didn't exist, you'd be betting on weather forecasts and crying the Doppler rader results were rigged.
  4. Wow. The Chiefs, The Saints, The Rams, Carolina... who can you count on anymore? You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do you, punk? Does my team have 3 Heisman Trophy winners in the backfield? Well, does it, punk? Maybe it's time to jump this train...
  5. ...if aliens abduct the Patriots. Lol. Maybes & ifs. I agree that sums up the Bills. Do your predictions take into account the likelihood of game changing dirty hits and crooked refs? What part of Any Given Sunday don't you get? Sometimes teams show up, but aren't really there. It happens and often when you don't see it coming. Remember the 2000 NFC championship game? I'll never forget it.
  6. The Niners put up 51 against McCaffrey &co. But this guy is the future of Pro football? Is this princess gonna put up 51 against anyone this year?
  7. I dunno. Be undefeated. Lead their division. That said, McCaffrey is a 1 man army and i wish i could catch more Panther games just to watch him slice up defenses.
  8. Most overheard comment at a ~UFO~ show: "Too bad Schenker's not with them". While i agree, it was still a fine outing. Phil Mogg was great and damned if Andy Parker didn't nail that shit to the wall, Strangers in the Night style.
  9. Having now seen this band open for ~UFO~, I'm still not crazy about the new material. But it was truly great to see Vinnie and Vivian playing the classic stuff.
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