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  1. Devastated to miss Chris Stapleton, Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow this month. Rescheduled for a year from now. Damn, how long can Willie roll on. He hasn't let me down yet. This bullshit virus could've at least waited until Willie and Dylan hung it up.
  2. I give him, musically, all the respect he deserves. Including and especially the Jo Lynn Turner material. I'll listen to it all forever. He absolutely should be in The (or a) R&R Hall O' Fame. He's no saint. If you don't like "asshole", choose something you're comfortable with. Or flip the script and look at this way. The current group goes out and celebrates the classic tunes because the fans want to hear them. Blackmore doesn't want to be in this band. This band doesn't want to play with Blackmore. The fans get to hear the songs. It's as good as we can get in 2020...or until we get to attend concerts again..whenever that'll be...
  3. RJD was very diplomatic about his time working with Blackmore. But i'm not convinced he left Rainbow "on good terms". Ritchie Blackmore is a trailblazing pioneer. An icon. A legend. That doesn't mean he can be an asshole too.
  4. Here's my political agenda. Red, Blue, whatever. They're all scum. Publicly hang 'em all and start over. Good luck searching the history of this forum and finding anything I posted supporting any political affiliation. The NBC bit you posted had a clear agenda. So, let's not be so judgmental. Covid 19 isn't going to spare anyone based on how they voted.
  5. First off, in 1993 he bailed on the band and THE FANS mid-tour. It was the band and the management which kept the rest of the tour and band's future alive for the ticket paying fans. And yes.. Also the story at 53:00 where he spent 4 days in jail for assault. (Maybe this was justified...maybe..?) He's nothing if not straightforward. I admire that. Gillan & Blackmore have an eternal beef. See previous video. Maybe the management didn't want Ian beat up in the back alley after the show. They needed him healthy for the tour! I'm a fan of both Blackmore & Gillan, but together they are oil & water. Forever at odds. And it was Blackmore who made the decision to leave.
  6. Foreshadowing? It's still speculation. Still bullshit. Live Aid was 5 years after Bonzo died. I'm not going to try and guess what may of occurred if he was there. I consider that pointless and foolish. We know he was ready to leave in 1974. ITTOD is widely considered a Jones/Plant effort. And they were touring this material. Where is it documented that in 78/79/80 Jones was unhappy and eager to leave the band to pursue soundtrack work? Provide the link. That is your interpretation of what Plant has stated and projected in interviews with the press. What he states publicly and what he feels personally, I speculate, are 2 different things. Believe and speculate what you choose. But it ain't facts and shouldn't be presented as such. I'm going to choose not to speculate as to what this is trying to say..imply...whatever.... His muse had been gone since 1980. This has been covered. Next. Speculation. OMG. Google the definition and learn it already. And before you reply again. Speculate all you want, but DO NOT present this nonsense as some kind of acknowledged factoid, which other dullards will be inclined to believe, copy & paste. This is ignorant, irresponsible and reprehensible. Of course. Why would we expect anything else? I'm not against speculation. I engage from time to time. Often with Scarlett Johansson in mind. But if you wanna present yourself as some kinda LZ expert... bring some documented facts.
  7. I'm a big fan of Ritchie Blackmore. He is a one-of-a-kind. And while, at the end of the day, i separate the artist from the art, his actions alone are why he is not currently in DP. He is an asshole and furthermore he doesn't want to play with the guys in DP. I don't give a shit who is playing guitar as long as i like the songs. And I don't get hung up on the personal politics of current and former band members. It's not my business. Being a fan and a listener is my business.
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