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  1. You might be cool. Maybe. But are you Rockin' the Royal Albert Hall with Led Zeppelin on your birthday cool?
  2. I get it. The Patriots have pushed your sad team around for so long you've literally been driven nuts. Add in 4 Superbowl losses and the long shadow of Scott Norwood and you'll eat up any nonsense written about New England. That's why you cling to your excuses, conspiracies and dramatic predictions. You've been saying this about every Bills team since 2004, haven't ya? And it's always been true. If only those crooked refs would have called all those dirty hits and made sure all the balls were inflated properly, now it would be the Bills with a longtime dynasty built around Mike Mularkey and J.P Losman. Sure. That's how it appeared to the delusional Bills Mafia, but here's the reality. Buffalo faced a struggling Pittsburgh team with a 3rd string QB and needed to come from behind in the 4th quarter to win by one score. The Bills squeaked that one out. Squeaked. Like a mouse. And bragging about a win against Dallas this season is not impressive. The only real contenders Buffalo has faced this year are the Patriots and the Ravens and we all know how those games turned out. The Bills might beat New England this week. Not because they're the better team, or on the verge of some great new era. But because Any Given Sunday. They might win. But i wouldn't bet on it.
  3. Saw Willie and Trigger again this years. They were better than ever.
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