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  1. "Hey you smoking Mother Nature, this is a bust..." After 55 some years of rock concerts, weed finally ruined his night?
  2. This is a new member's first post. Chill already.
  3. Saw this show in March. Satriani, Pinnick & Kenny Aronoff killed it. They took on "I Don't Live Today", "Third Stone", "If 6 Was 9", "Machine Gun", "Voodoo Child" and burned the house down. Looking him up now, i can't believe Aronoff is 66 yrs old. He's a force of nature.
  4. What's a nice sweep like that do for your confidence? It's like the Cards want to be in 2nd place.
  5. These girl groups aren't too bad - as long as the volume is turned all the way down!
  6. Spare me already with this bullshit. Seriously, Captain Obvious, you don't know who LZ '77 were by now? You take this beautiful document of the band, the only pro-shot footage of the tour, which has never been presented this well before, and use it to cut the band off at the knees? Why do you bother with Led Zeppelin when you know their live performances won't live up to your "professional musicianship" standards. You are completely clueless about LZ and RnR in general. Neither were ever intended to be note perfect. So, fans came here to say they enjoyed this viewing experience and you're here to confirm that's not a valid point of view? Really.
  7. I'm honestly curious. Timestamping Jimmy Page's "wrong" notes. Disparaging the highly regarded skills of widely beloved lost brother. Controversial opinions are one thing. I'm just not convinced your agenda is to celebrate Led Zeppelin. Are you open to opposing opinions and a discussion? Here's how another poster who disagreed with you was answered... I think you're wrong and incapable of seeing past your nose. No offense. No offence. Lol. You don't seem to take criticism well. The thread title asks for controversial opinions. It doesn't promise you won't be asked to answer for them.
  8. Easy bruh, you're the one gettin' tense. I only asked a simile question. Are you here to wad panties?
  9. Was a back handed compliment your intention, 'cause that really only serves your "not a real drummer" theory. Is there a forum somewhere where you spend time celebrating real drummers?
  10. Boring? You've got the GOAT and his posse playing in the spotlight game of the year and being held to 6 points, 2 field goals through the first 45 minutes of play. Something interesting was happening. This rare treat, watching the GOAT being reduced to a mortal, throwing errant passes, using poor judgement, having to flee a collapsing pocket, and picking himself up after being knocked around by a premier pass rush, was for many, to be savored regardless of the final score. Had Goff played any better, had Gurley been able, and/or had the Rams bothered to bring an o-line, the GOAT may not have survived throwing an interception and leading his team to settling for a missed field. Hell, the GOAT was only in the red zone one more time than the Rams were. Didn't take much to be the GOAT yesterday. Considering the state of the Rams, the GOAT was in a position to make a crushing, definitive statement. Yet, he didn't. Or did he? Maybe the GOAT's definitive statement is, "I'll do enough to get by". Sounds more like a slogan for welfare recipients than it does for The Greatest Of All Time. Oh well, can't argue with 6 rings. That's the current state of NFL officiating. Despite instant replay with multiple angles and mega zoom, calls are subjective, random, often wrong and can cost a team a win. Just ask the Saints
  11. Buddy Holly on stage at The Surf ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, Feb. 2, 1959.
  12. The only thing worse than a real Patriots fan is the d-bag who jumps on the bandwagon in the playoffs.
  13. Yeah, not a lot of what has been posted in this thread is too controversial. Gripes which have been addressed ad nauseam in this and the other forum. Except, of course, the idea that Bonzo isn't a real drummer. How about, accepting and enjoying LZ for what the band was and what they left behind, without caveats. Not as some fanboy rose-colored vision, but by experiencing the personal and professional triumphs and tragedies with the band through the music. Understanding that the band's evolution, through the changes life brings, wouldn't allow '75, '77 or '80 to sound like '71 or '73. Knowing missed notes and even off nights are to be expected when a band takes music and life to the nth degree. The human element, that's the magic ingredient in the continued interest with live recordings. It deserves to be embraced rather than scorned.
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