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  1. We had that exact linoleumwhen I was a kid!
  2. First off, CONGRATS, SLAVE TO ZEP! Second, what made me happy was that while I was going on and on and on about the Dust Bowl in my 9th grade class today, I realized THAT THE KIDS WERE ACTUALLY LISTENING TO ME AND THEY WERE ACTUALLY INTERESTED! I honestly thought they wouldn't be too impressed with what I had to say about it. Remember, I'm an English teacher, not a history teacher. Third, the wine made me happy.
  3. Bummer. I have the same Cybershot, and I love it. I've never had an issue with it, even after my mom DROPPED IT on the driveway when it was less than 6 months old.
  4. I have a wedding reception of an old college friend to attend today. It's a casual thing at a local park, and I missed her pre-wedding party (she got married in Hawaii, so she had a party before they got married). ...and I can't find the invitation. I've no clue what time it is, and I've called her and I've FB messaged her. I'm sure she's busy getting things ready, but I may miss it. That makes me feel bad. edit #2: I just went to the venue about the time I THOUGHT it was happening...I was on time, and I didn't miss a thing, thank God. edit: I'm very sorry.
  5. Well, I JUST watched it. I was scared to watch it before we got the pizza. They said the triple has 18 peppers. We only ordered the single. It has 6 peppers. ...and it was hot as hell.
  6. I have to brag. I'm officially a BAMF. I went to a local pizzeria, one that does habanero pizzas in August every year. I went with a friend and we had a single hab pizza (they have doubles and triples) and we lived to tell the tale! I only had two pieces, but it was good! It had good flavor, and the heat didn't overpower it like I thought it might. http://www.flyingpie.com/manvsfood.html ^It was even on Man vs. Food.
  7. Sales tax holiday? What the heck?!? We don't get those. I need to buy new school clothes. I look like a hobo in the ones I have.
  8. I hosted my sister's baby shower today. It was supposed to be an outdoor affair, and she had about 45 people RSVP. About 30 showed up, and it was too hot to stay outside (95 at noon with NO wind and NO shade). We even set up fans under the covered tent shelter things. So...we moved it inside, and though there was NO wiggle room (30 people in my 15x15 living room, yipes!), and I almost forgot to bring out the fantastic cupcakes I made for the shower), but it worked. Now, instead of one mess to clean up, I had two, but everything went well, and my sister got a lot of loot! I need a nap and a drink.
  9. Napoleon is one of my FAVORITE movies. I quote lines from it all the time. Like at work. I finally saw The King's Speech and Rango last night. I liked them both. I also watched Adam and Steve, which I could have done without. It was too cheesy for me.
  10. I got to spend the day with my adorable 2 1/2 year old niece. We went to lunch and had homemade ice cream and went swimming. She's a cute kid.
  11. Go The Fuck To Sleep by Adam Mansbach I have seen links to this on Facebook, but I finally watched it today. It cracked me up. Though I'm not a parent, I have a niece that refuses to take naps or go to sleep at bed time...
  12. Very true...I was hesitant to pay more for a computer, but I really DID get what I paid for. In fact, I convinced my sister to buy a MacBook too.
  13. When I was in school, I lost a TEXTBOOK. My poor mom bought me a new one, only to find the old one about a month later! It was a medical terminology text, one that is a workbook. Now I (still) have two of them and both are half-done. Every time I see it, I feel bad. I got a C in that class, so obviously I didn't even try, and my mom bought me a second book.
  14. I haven't been buying books much because I've got a HUGE pile of "To-Read" books. I have a penchant for historical fiction. I bought this one a few months ago and finished it this afternoon: Since I finished the one above today, I felt the urge to go out and get the sequel. I bought this one today and I'm on p. 15(?) So far, so good.
  15. Kiwi, that's really a awesome gift! I had a good day today. It started off slow, but good things have happened. First, we went to Borders to look at their liquidation. I got a book I wanted to purchase, but the sales weren't that great. Then, we went out for dinner, so I didn't have to cook. Next, I started said new book. After that, an acquaintance texted me and asked me to go out walking with her dog and herself. My dog and I went and we had fun. NOW the biggie: the book I turned my house upside down looking for appeared! I was starting to question whether I'd even bought it, but I was sure I had. I was actually starting to think I was losing my marbles or that I had loaned it out to someone and I couldn't remember who. I went to get my small overnight bag and looks through the toiletries in it (we're going on a trip this week), and it was still packed as an emergency overnight bag for winter storms. I commute 120 miles round trip on rural roads, so I packed an overnight bag so I could stay the night if needed. I also packed a book for entertainment since the colleague I would have stayed with doesn't watch TV. Now THAT made my day!
  16. Virginia, In Palm Springs, they literally put blocks of ICE into the pools to cool them down when it's hot. That's what they should be doing there! The high here today was 103, unless it's still going up. I went swimming.
  17. Yeah...humidity is non existent here, unless it's about to rain. It's now 72, the high is supposed to be 84 today. You'd better hurry though, tomorrow's high is supposed to be 90, Sunday's is 100. I guess I had better mow the lawn, but I just don't wanna. We're actually going on vacation on Wednesday. We're going to go up to Northern Idaho, which believe it or not, I've NEVER seen. I haven't been up near the Canadian border in Idaho. We'll be gone for four days, exploring the area. I don't know what the weather will be like up there....
  18. ^Come visit me then. It's only 70 so far, and it's 11:18.
  19. This is a very old and dated picture (I'm guessing circa 1993? 94?) of the view from the train depot in the city I live in. If any of you have been to said city, I'm sure oyu recognize it. It's quite the regular view. I say the picture is old and dated because there are many buildings missing and there are many buildings that are in the picture that aren't there anymore! To the right is my alma matter. I'm editing to add a picture from the tower of the train depot that I took from my phone last week. You can see the difference (if you care....)
  20. In the theaters, I've seen Kung Fu Panda 2, Rio, and Cars 2. (can you see the pattern of my movie going?) I watched a very good movie tonight on Netflix's instant streaming called Lovely, Still. It was a touching little movie. I highly reccomend it to people who like dramas.
  21. It's been quite cold around here...we finally got our first day that hit 100. Today. Usually, by July, we've seen several. It's been a weird summer. No worries though. I was out in the yard throughout the hottest part of the day, digging in my garden.
  22. ^Hah. We haven't had Blockbuster here in YEARS, sadly. I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 today. In 3-D. It was a cute one.
  23. I have had a great weekend--I spent Saturday doing things that made me happy, including taking my dog for a long walk, visiting with my grandmother, hanging out with my baby (okay, almost 3-year old) niece, and going to lunch with my baby sister). Today, I went to a friend's daughter's birthday party and I got to drive the car I bought last week.
  24. Cee-Lo: "F**k You." It's really driving me crazy.
  25. Hotplant: I'm so sorry. EBK: I'm very sorry. My unhappiness is a little superficial, (thank God): I cut my lip on the plastic wrapper from an Otter Pop. (which, by the way, I just went and got another one after a few minutes....)
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