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  1. I love that Robert is letting his locks go grey. I am too! I figure screw it, I earned this grey.
  2. Hotplant

    Roberts Jeans

    *bump up* I noticed the new influx of Robert pix lovers so I shamelessly bumped this up for their pleasure. In honor of the bulge girls
  3. CLOUDS!!!!! We've had the hottest summer on record. 101, 104, 105, too hot to enjoy the outdoors. So I'm way happy for clouds today.
  4. Good god, I don't know HOW Sam has put up with you for so long, you are such an asshole. Authority on EVERYTHING. You're one reason i never come in here and the only reason i signed in to tell you what an ass you are. Love you Sam x and yes fondly remembering 73 in LA see y'all
  5. Hallo there Res .....I dunno, I just fish through what I like from beginning to end. I still love the guys, and the fact they are still alive is nothing short of a miracle Steve is hilarious.
  6. Awww, You're so sweet Deb. Happy Holidays to you, and thanks. I'll try.
  7. My beloved companion of 16 years passed on this July. I was devastated. I'm just about ready to look again. Miss him sooo much.
  8. Loving Cup....4 days straight....Grrrrr
  9. ohhhh, tonight we can view an asteroid on space.com
  10. cya'll again.....

  11. cya'll again.....

  12. Mild compared to the normal crap around here.
  13. a long over due shopping spree starting tuesday
  14. I saw these over at RO and was tempted to post here. These are More than HOT pics of Robert....more like explosives!
  15. Happy Birthday To the happy trippy loverly and funny cutie Res. Have a Great one toots, and drink n smoke one for me, Cheers!

  16. Thanks for that Pagemeister! I watched almost all of it. Thoughts- I love Paul's voice, it has withstood time, and is so unique. The STAGE!!! Now why oh why can't we have more set ups similar to that. It was awesome...most of all for the large space free of clutter, and semi hidden monitors. I Hate those big azz monitors like Planty has on his stage...and still using a song-sheet....holy ____. It's almost like a barrier from the front row, maybe he is so sick of the same old OLD regulars he just doesn't want to see 'em. The other thing I Loved about this show....from a female point of view here....FINALLY some Young good lookin' guys!!!! Oh yes, EYE candy for the ladies never ever fails. And Rodgers himself, my he has energy, and not even Grampa boobies. WOW! Now that is a ROCK band IMHO.
  17. True. And then he comes along and blows my mind again and again. Nobody does it like Neil. And that clip you posted was hilarious....gotta love Neil!
  18. The people on the forum who have turned Ramble On to "Racists-R-Us." It is sad it is permitted, as it reflects poorly to who are Zep fans. I think it is so disgusting, and frankly blows my mind that in this day and age it seems to be a daily rant for a few here. All it does is stir up hate. MANY people have been fired from jobs for similar talk. Yet here it is everyday chit chat now. To those of you who come up with ...*cough* "clever" ways of using the N word...you are sick. Zep was never about hate. If you want to talk hate join a hate group. That is where you belong. <_< <_<
  19. Happy Birthday!

  20. I should have nabbed a few! ;-)

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