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  1. in_the_evening

    Star Trek

    I am a dabbler in Star Trek. But I saw one the other night, TNG, where Picard lives an entire nother life in the span of 20 minutes. It was absolutely some of the best TV I have seen in years, just so well acted, and the story was amazingly good, To realize that after a few years, he sort of gives up on being Picard, and concentrates on his wife on the planet and has a family...and then when he comes back and aches a bit for the life he left...just very well done TV.
  2. in_the_evening

    The Reigning King of Rock Guitar

    This thread is still young, but yeah, Beck is awesome. So is EVH. Santana. Slash did some just amazing stuff in GNR's infancy and continues to be astonishing live. Buckethead can shred probably better than anyone, if that's what you're into. If it comes to publicity and current sales, then yeah, it's probably EVH.
  3. in_the_evening

    Bonham last day

    There is also somewhere the quote where Jones says once he and Lefevre have checked on Bonzo and realized he is dead, JPJ hears Page and Plant laughing and joking in the hallway and has to go to them and say "wait a minute....". Can't even imagine what Page and Plant did once JPJ dropped the news.
  4. in_the_evening

    20 Amazing Robert Plant Fan Tattoos

    This. There is nothing so sensual or beautiful as a big uninterrupted range of smooth skin on a woman...to have it interrupted by big black blotches...no thanks. I know for some they like it, but I think skin by itself is beautiful.
  5. in_the_evening

    Top 5 Robert Plant solo/Non-Zeppelin songs?

    I have to give points to Burning Down One Side as it was his first Post Zep song, and it just sounded so damned good to hear Plant's voice again. Ship of Fools for the guitar work.
  6. in_the_evening

    Rod Stewart thread

    Hard to believe the same guy who did "Maggie May" goes on to do crap like "Do You Think I'm Sexy". He sure had some hits though. His earlier stuff is way better.
  7. in_the_evening

    2016-17 NBA Thread....

    I'm always a little amused at fouls in basketball. Some guy winds up flat on his back on the floor, and HE gets charged with fouling! I mean, I get the rules and all that, but it just looks so wrong, lol! Shaq was famous for elbowing players especially during his layups. He was just so big that he was knocking people left and right and most times got away with it.
  8. in_the_evening

    Worst Album Covers Ever

    All I can say to most of those is.....WHAT THE.....
  9. in_the_evening

    Jimmy Page & Chris Cornell To Collaborate In 2015

    Does Neil Young and Crazy Horse fit in here anywhere? To me, THAT is grunge and I freakin love it! I guess NY&CH are sort of California grunge, maybe... I totally agree that Page and Cornell could have been pretty amazing.
  10. Dylan was bootlegged extensively for much of his career. The Greatful Dead used to allow concert goers to record their shows, so there should be lots of them.
  11. in_the_evening

    The Allman Brothers Thread

    What an astonishingly good album. RIP Greg. Thanks for the awesome music
  12. in_the_evening

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Greg Allman....what a talent. Maybe he and Duane are jamming again ... RIP Greg. And thanks for the ride.
  13. in_the_evening

    Walking Into Clarksdale - Rediscovered

    And clearly remains deferential to him to this day.
  14. in_the_evening

    Ninth Anniversary of The Station Nightclub Fire

    Very sad for sure. The video and another of emergency communications (police and fire) is on Youtube. I cannot imagine what the first EMTs on the scene thought when they saw the building fully involved....really amazing people doing really bad jobs.... It is just shocking how fast the place went up. And allegedly, when it was just getting started, some fans tried to go out the rear exit and a bouncer stopped them and said "this door is only for the band". Maybe he didn't realize how fast the place would burn down either.
  15. in_the_evening

    2017 NFL Thread

    I admire your confidence, but I thought Corey Dillon would be a huge mistake and instead he bought into the system and got a SB ring for his efforts. Won't know about Gilmore until the season starts.
  16. in_the_evening

    2017 NFL Thread

    Belechik is no prize when it comes to the draft, many of his drafts have been less than stellar. Where he does excel is in picking up undrafted and "toss away" players that other teams have got tired of. I think he likes what he sees in Gilmore, and Gilmore realizes that this is a chance for a championship, so buckle down, listen up and pay attention, and do what we tell you. We'll see! It didn't work out too good when they took Haynesworth....
  17. in_the_evening

    Movies You Never Get Tired of Watching

    "I've seen the Exorcist about 167 times...and it just keeps getting funnier and funnier every time I see it! Not to mention the fact you're talking to a dead guy...now whadda you think...you think I'm qualified???"
  18. in_the_evening

    1977 North American Tour - 40th Anniversary

    For the REALLY desperate among the looking: https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B001H52OLA/jimmypageonline
  19. in_the_evening

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Bong-man, that's quite an undertaking! I find most of his Wings work quite listenable. As for Lennon and Double Fantasy, I honestly think if he hadn't been killed shortly after its release, it would have to be viewed as one of the most disastrous releases by a major artist in years. A complete piece of unmitigated dripping crap, honestly, it is hard to imagine an album by anyone that is worse than Double Fantasy. Well, maybe Milk and Honey comes pretty close.
  20. in_the_evening

    The Best LED ZEPPELIN Photo Ever? Please Post Here:

    No one??
  21. Face Dances: man Another Tricky Day for me is one of their best. And Did You Steal My Money is pretty good too. Face Dances all around was pretty good.
  22. in_the_evening

    Why was JPJ disinvited from Page/Plant?

    I was totally unaware that Plant and Johnstone had a falling out...any media on it? I just wish Page had said something along the lines of "during my career I've worked with many musicians, and David was another that I worked with" or something....instead it's like "oh jeez, I better be careful what I say around Robert or he will walk".
  23. in_the_evening

    Why was JPJ disinvited from Page/Plant?

    So RP doesn't think much of Phil Johnstone, is that what he is saying? this may come across as harsh, but my God is Page a pussy when it comes to defending someone like Coverdale, when it might offend Plant.
  24. in_the_evening

    Chuck Berry

    Huge loss..... The duckwalk, and that inspired playing that was a cross of country and hard blues, like nothing before. RIP Mr Berry
  25. When we talk about the activity after the LZ disbanding, don't forget XYZ. How quickly Page jumped right back in, didn't some of the rehearsals take place in 1980, so only a few months after Bonzo passing?