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  1. Jimmy has this to say about it in The Anthology Book: "I bought this guitar from Mike Ladd in Memphis. He was Involved in Hot Rods as well as guitars, so the finish of the guitar was in a hot rod colour. I was told that his uncle worked at Gibson and the Guitar had been put together from various old and new parts. The parts may have come from different vintages, but it was still a good guitar. The Neck was very user-friendly..." Perhaps an older neck and a newer body may explain why the headstock doesn't' look as large but still have the pancake body. We'll probably never know. But yes, it does have tone for days indeed!
  2. Yeah there is definitely a visual difference between 1 and 2 in regards to the finish being a darker, slightly Tobacco burst. Also Number 2 has silver Grover tuners whereas Number 1 Has Golden Grover's, though its a bit hard to tell these days because they're a bit worn. In his book, Jimmy refers to the Number 3 Red Les Paul as a Frankenstein guitar because it was made up of several different types of other LP's. I'd love for Gibson to make a re-issue of it, its beautiful!
  3. During Zeppelin's 1972 tour of Australia, his uncovered white Bobbin bridge pickup died. It got repaired but it was later replaced with a factory T-Top pickup with a chrome cover during 1972. it remained that way all throughout Zeppelin until it was replaced by an uncovered black Seymour Duncan pickup sometime in the '80s. His Number 2 was bought around 1975 and had its bridge pickup exposed showing white Bobbins similar to his Number 1 before the T-Top. In short: His Number 1 originally had white Bobbins before being Replayed by a T-Top. When Jimmy says that his Les Paul's are distinguishable by the colour of the Pickup Bobbins he is probably referring to them in their current state
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