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  1. The easy answer is to say it was the rock and roll lifestyle and they lived only for today and didn't care about the future. They weren't professional careerists. Still, other rock stars such as Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, Elton John took care of their voices and warmed up before concerts. Mick Jagger practically trained like an athlete. This is one of those questions that remains unanswered because it remains unasked. Has Dave Lewis or Brad Tolenski ever asked this question of Plant? I don't think so. In fact, so much of Led Zeppelin's preparation for shows goes unknown because the writers with access to Robert, Jimmy, and Jonesy show not the slightest curiosity and instead ask the same old tired questions about "Stairway to Heaven". No one asks about soundchecks. When and how often did the band soundcheck and how did it change from tour to tour as the band and the venues became bigger? How were the setlists decided? Who had input on certain songs? Did they have much time before a show to limber up and get ready physically? Or did they just tumble out of their limos onto the stage? Why didn't Page ever seem to have his costumes ready before a tour? His 1973 cosmic suit didn't make an appearance until the last gigs of the tour. His 1975 black dragon suit didn't fully appear until Earls Court...only the pants were worn at the last gig in L.A. In 1977, the white poppy suit was a work in progress all through the beginning of the tour. Why not sit down with a designer and have your concert wardrobe ready by the start of the tour. Why did Plant like those kimono-like blouses in 1975-77? It seems like Plant used Shure microphones every time I saw Led Zeppelin in concert. Did he ever experiment with other microphones to see if they were better for live performance? Why didn't the band ever use front of stage monitors? Questions...I've got a million of them.
  2. Pretty good Dolly doc on Netflix, although it raises as many questions as it answers.
  3. I was just kidding around. Frankly, I take whatever a young band says in an interview with a grain of salt. Especially Van Halen, who were always taking the piss in interviews (they bagged on everyone from AC/DC to Kiss to Rush in the early days) and were most likely hammered. I know a couple of writers who covered Van Halen for rock magazines. The stories they tell. One guy hung out with them writing about the 1979 and 1980 tours and he said there was so much drinking and partying he barely escaped with his life. One fact is indisputable. Eddie Van Halen has always said he was inspired watching Jimmy Page perform "Heartbreaker" at the Forum and seeing Jimmy Page bend the string behind the nut gave him the idea that lead to his tapping.
  4. The same gig that was used for the Rainbow Bridge film, which was restored and released recently. I got to see it in a theatre along with a fresh restoration of Monterey Pop a few years ago. This new release are the two complete concerts in Maui that were the basis for Rainbow Bridge along with documentary about the film and Jimi's trip to Maui.
  5. Or maybe EVH heard the1980 Berlin White Summer/Black Mountain Side? Or the second Knebworth of August 11?
  6. That has always been my take on it and people ascribed more importance to it than warranted. Kind of like Robert Plant asking the bar to turn off a Radiohead song and all of a sudden it turns into a "Robert hates Radiohead" battle, when I know for a fact that he likes Radiohead (or at least some Radiohead) because I have seen him buy Radiohead albums. He just didn't like whatever song the bar was playing at that particular time.
  7. It's such a thin line. I mean, I like Lisa Gerrard/Dead Can Dance and the Cocteau Twins, which can veer into that new-agey ethereal mush at times. But I just can't get into Enya's stuff at all. She leaves me cold.
  8. Another clue that he was joking is that Anya and Enya are two entirely different names.
  9. Alex Van Halen mentioned in a book or an interview about how impressed he was that Ozzy and Bill Ward were out in front of the venue before the show in Leicester (or maybe it was Manchester), drinking and chatting with fans. No rock-star bullshit. Robert and Jimmy are much more approachable and chatty with fans now than they used to be.
  10. Strider


  11. Here are the dates that Van Halen opened for Black Sabbath on the UK leg of their 1978 Never Say Die tour. May 16: Sheffield City Hall May 17: Southport Floral Hall May 18: Glasgow Apollo Theatre May 19: Aberdeen Capitol Theatre May 21: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne City Hall May 22: Manchester Apollo Theatre May 23: Hanley/Stoke Victoria Hall May 25: Portsmouth Guild Hall May 26: Bristol Colston Hall May 27: London Lewisham Odeon May 28: Ipswich Gaumont Theatre May 30: Coventry Theatre May 31: Leicester De Montfort Hall June 1: London Hammersmith Odeon June 2: Oxford New Theatre June 3: Southampton Gaumont Theatre June 7: Bradford St. George's Hall June 8: Preston Lockley Grand Hall June 10: London Hammersmith Odeon October 22: London Rainbow Theatre June 5 & 6 Birmingham Odeon was rescheduled because of "P.A. failure". The new dates were June 12 & 13, with Tanz Der Youth opening the 12th and The Damned opening the 13th. June 11 London Hammersmith was cancelled because of "P.A. failure". Tanz Der Youth opened the rest of the June 1978 UK dates. But Van Halen was back in the opening slot for Black Sabbath's next round of U.S. tour dates from August 22 Milwaukee to December 3 San Diego. So, this is what I want to know. I see all sorts of articles on the web and elsewhere about the friendship between Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Did any of Led Zeppelin see Black Sabbath on this tour, and therefore see Van Halen? I imagine Robert Plant was still grieving over Karac and not inclined to go out to a show. But what about the others? Jimmy Page could not have seen Van Halen and not been struck by Eddie Van Halen's guitar playing.
  12. A different interview than the one in Classic Rock or did Esquire just reprint the Classic Rock one?
  13. Strider

    2020 MLB Thread

    I agree. It is maddening. Players are too prideful and egotistical to bunt or hit to the opposite field. If Pete Rose and Joe Morgan had faced shifts in their day, they would have bunted mercilessly until teams gave up shifting. They would have batted .400 or .500 easily.
  14. This is how I have ranked these shows for years...even before the new soundboards came out. One other thing that gives 9.29 Osaka the nod over 9.28 Osaka and the others is "Celebration Day". The extra boot that Jones and Bonham give to the rhythm and that half-time drop beat that Bonham does during the outro jam is just amazing and makes this the greatest of the 1971 "Celebration Day" performances. I am curious about your Plant remark, though. I have never heard anyone complain about 1971 Robert Plant. 1972 Japan tour Plant, yes. But not 1971 tour.
  15. The Grim Reaper bowls and another pin is knocked down. R.I.P. Spencer Davis. The man who gave the world Steve Winwood and, in a roundabout way, producer Jimmy Miller. https://variety.com/2020/music/news/spencer-davis-gimme-some-lovin-dead-dies-1234810794/
  16. If I remember from my listen to the other source earlier this year, this Louisville show has a lively atmosphere…crazy energetic crowd, etc. Always curious to hear other sources so hope to get a chance to listen to this one soon.
  17. It boggles my mind that Mike Millard did not record any Van Halen concerts, particularly from the golden age 1978-1982. He recorded Suzi Quatro opening for Alice Cooper in 1975 and Thin Lizzy opening for Queen in 1977 but can't get it together to record any of the several times Van Halen opened for Black Sabbath and other bands in Los Angeles/Southern California during 1978? Let alone all of the headlining shows they did in Southern California from 1979-1984. A shocking void in the Millard tape archives.
  18. ABSOLUTELY! The new remasters are the best Led Zeppelin on cd you can get. Get them all for your dad. If you don't want to splurge on the deluxe double-cds with the bonus disc, then just get the regular remastered cds. But I suggest getting the deluxe double-cd of the first album at least, because you get the October 10, 1969 Live at the Olympia show as the bonus disc.
  19. No. That wasn't the first Led Zeppelin album. That was the RL pressings of Led Zeppelin II that had needle jumping issues.
  20. Lots of people suffer abuse and horrific childhoods yet don't go out and cut babies out of the womb of the woman they just murdered. I know several women who endured abuse as kids. Their response was to resolve not to act this way towards others and especially not their own kids. Some crimes are so barbaric and the guilt so iron-clad, that death is warranted. I'm tired of my taxes supporting vile reprobates for life. I think her "mental illness" is just a convenient excuse invented by her lawyer. She certainly was mentally capable of planning and executing her crime, which necessitated some brain power and working out logistics and method. Fry her...and fry her bitch of a mother while you're at it. Two less losers in the world taking up space and resources.
  21. Millard has been dead for a long time now and his story has been told and retold often around these parts. As for the providence of this new cache of tapes, the JEMS guys have the whole story on their site.
  22. Remembering Anita O'Day and Chuck Berry on their birthday.
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