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  1. If you were both…oh, never mind. This is an old and tired subject.
  2. I watch that with my teenage nephew. Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cringe. It's some strange, funny shit.
  3. Remember this game like it was yesterday. Great moment in Raider history.
  4. T. Rex's "Electric Warrior" album was released on September 24, 1971, kicking off the Glam Rock craze. Happy 50th anniversary.
  5. The charity benefit for Hiroshima victims. Which is why the introduction was extra long at this concert.
  6. Does God hate the Lions? 1970: New Orleans Saints kicker Tom Dempsey kicks a record-setting 63-yard field goal to beat the Detroit Lions 19-17 as time expired. 2021: Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker kicks a record-breaking 66-yard field goal as time expired to beat the Detroit Lions...again by the score of 19-17. Here is the kick.
  7. Mr. Tony has an award show named after him? 😛 The Tonys and the Emmys completely slipped my mind this year...and last year. I'll catch the recap on youtube tomorrow.
  8. ebk hates the Yankees and the Red Sox so she is probably not watching the game. But Walter surely must be...what a crazy turn of events from the bottom of the 7th to top of the 8th. Only 3 outs left for the Red Sox to try and come back.
  9. Normally I would watch the Sunday Night Football game tonight between Green Bay and San Francisco. But I'll be watching the Red Sox-Yankees game instead as both teams are tied for the wild card. I'll switch to the football game in between innings.
  10. You're a true baseball fan. I hope the Orioles reward your perseverance. Good luck today, E!
  11. Who else was flipping like crazy between the Kansas City-San Diego and Detroit-Baltimore games at the end? Two crazy finishes. Ouch. Poor Bong-Man. I really thought Detroit had a better chance than San Diego of pulling off the upset. Especially when it was 4th and 19 for the Ravens. But then history happened. The Lions allow a receiver to float open down the field and then Justin Tucker doinks a record 66-yarder off the crossbar. The Lions curse continues. It's going to be another long winter for Detroit.
  12. I am remembering John Henry Bonham by playing the "In Through the Out Door" album. Yeah, I know…it is not the most popular album with fans. But JHB sounds great on it and ITTOD was the last Led Zeppelin album released while Bonham was still alive.
  13. I will never tire of John Paul Jones setting "Celebration Day" on fire in 1971 with his incendiary bass lines.
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