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  1. A doozy last night in San Diego. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31272437/game-1-los-angeles-dodgers-vs-san-diego-padres-lives-hype
  2. I won't go so far as to say he is overrated…he is pretty good at the drums. But he is the most over-exposed musician on Earth. I am sick of seeing him in every music documentary and every music awards show or tribute concert…even musicians he has nothing to do with. And he always says the same thing…I loved (fill in the blank) since I was a kid and got a tattoo of (fill in the blank). Enough.
  3. This could have been posted in the Rolling Stones thread. It's common knowledge among Stones and bootleg heads. The Zeppelin connection is tenuous...Led Zeppelin IV, for those playing along...but there were several albums released before Led Zeppelin IV that also used the tattered photo/poster/artwork hanging on a wall motif. Here is more of the original artwork for the unreleased 1972 live album.
  4. Enjoy your retirement, Julian Edelman. You earned it. The very definition of the smart, adaptable, tough player who will do whatever the team asks of him. He was probably my favourite Patriot to watch.
  5. Jones had the Fender Rhodes for the start of the 1972 Japanese tour and into the 1972-73 Winter UK tour.
  6. You'd be asking the guys to get along in close quarters for two years. Good luck with that.
  7. Upon further research, SHARPIES were invented in 1964. Black was the only colour until more colours were introduced in 1979. I held the album in my hand today and got a good look at the autographs. It looks like Jimmy and Bonham were the first to sign the album, as their signatures appear older and slightly faded. Robert's came next, and John Paul's looks like the most recent signature. Amoeba bought it from a young guy in his 30s last March...they paid him $500. The guy had bought it from some other place years ago and the certificate of authenticity came with the album when he bou
  8. Excellent point. Which probably explains why nobody has snapped it up in the week it has been hanging up there.
  9. I stopped by Amoeba again tonight and it is still there...right next to a Black Sabbath.
  10. Popped into Amoeba Music in Hollywood last night and noticed they had a "Led Zeppelin" original vinyl hanging on the wall, signed by all four members: Robert, Jimmy, John and John Paul. The price is $2,400…which works out to $600 a signature. Wonder how long it will be there before someone snaps it up? If you are interested, I am sure you can call up the shop or check out their website.
  11. Finally got into Amoeba the last couple of days. Of course, all the Led Zeppelin was picked clean. No rare goodies left. But I did pick up some good Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash vinyl, and this new addition to Stereolab's "Switched On" series…Volume 4 in limited number edition. My number is 0871…which I read as August 1971, the date that Led Zeppelin started their 1971 North American tour.
  12. Excellent. But come on, Tom…always put new batteries in the tape recorder before going to tape a show. 😏
  13. Got my first Moderna poke this morning. Thank you, Dolly Parton. In and out in thirty minutes...easy-peasy. Eight hours later all is still well. Haven't felt any soreness, pain or side effects of any kind.
  14. Best thing I have seen in Anaheim in years. But the best thing in baseball over the weekend was this freaky cat during the Dodgers @ Rockies game at Coors Field. It was huge and scary looking. I heard it escaped from the grounds crew later and escaped into the night.
  15. L.A. Danger Dog with onions & peppers. Coke.
  16. I am listening to genius. The amount of legendary talent assembled in this room is unbelievable, starting with today's birthday girl, Billie Holiday. Joining Lady Day are: Ben Webster - tenor saxophone, Lester Young - tenor saxophone, Vic Dickenson - trombone, Gerry Mulligan - baritone saxophone, Coleman Hawkins - tenor saxophone, Roy Eldridge - trumpet, Doc Cheatham - trumpet, Danny Barker - guitar, Milt Hinton - double bass, Mal Waldron - piano, and Osie Johnson - drums. "The Sound of Jazz" broadcast on CBS in 1957.
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