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  1. 1971 Celebration Days are a primary reason why I love getting any 1971 show I can get my hands on. 1971: The band was on fire, firing on all cylinders and Plant was still in full voice. Page played CD on the 12-string, which gave it a nice ringing tone and foreshadowed "The Song Remains the Same" (the song not the movie) a bit. 1973: Page switched to the Les Paul for the song. Plant's voice was not tip-top and it seems like the band dropped the key and the tempo to compensate for Plant's vocal shortcomings (they did the same thing with "Rock and Roll"...slower and lower). Also, the 1973 tour found the band going for a heavier vibe overall.
  2. This thread is beating a dead horse...we've known the RRHOF sucks for a long time. See the RRHOF thread in the "Other Bands/Music" section of this forum for proof. Maybe Jann is upset Rob didn't shag him? Actually, Led Zeppelin was one of the few who got in immediately upon being eligible. You become eligible for Jann's circle-jerk 25 years from your first album. Hence, Led Zeppelin was inducted in 1994, 25 years after 1969. Neil Young was also inducted that year.
  3. If you had asked me in 1972 what my favourite movie was I probably would have said "Billy Jack". I lost count of how many times I saw that movie from 1970 to 1975....it always seemed to be playing a theatre somewhere. I had the opportunity to see both these Billy Jack movies last night in the company of the son of Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor. The "Born Losers" print was faded a little, as expected, but "Billy Jack" was a nice IB Technicolor print.
  4. Christ, we're not even at Halloween yet and here I thought the year couldn't get any worse.
  5. Week 8 Schedule Thursday, Oct. 24 TIME(ET) Washington at Minnesota 8:20 pm Sunday, Oct. 27 Seattle at Sadlanta 1:00 pm Philadelphia at Buffalo 1:00 pm Sad Chargers at Chicago 1:00 pm N.Y. Giants at Detroit 1:00 pm Tampa Bay at Tennessee 1:00 pm Cincinnati vs L.A. Rams (another stupid London game) 1:00 pm Arizona at New Orleans 1:00 pm N.Y. Jets at Jacksonville 1:00 pm Oakland at Houston 1:00 pm Carolina at San Francisco 4:05 pm Denver at Indianapolis 4:25 pm Cleveland at New England 4:25 pm Green Bay at Kansas City 8:20 pm Monday, Oct. 28 Miami at Pittsburgh 8:15 pm
  6. Again, congratulations to redrum for winning Week 7 and finishing first two weeks in a row. Week 7 Results redrum: 13-1* ebk: 11-3 Strider: 11-3 jabe: 10-4 Junior: 10-4 Bong-Man: 9-5 Walter: 9-5 LedZeppfan77: 8-6 Mrs. W: 8-6 Season Standings After 106 Games 1. ebk: 72-33**** 2. Walter: 68-37** 3. Bong-Man: 65-40* 3. redrum: 65-40** 4. Strider: 63-42 5. Junior: 62-43* 5. LedZeppfan77: 62-43 6. Mrs. W: 60-45 7. jabe: 55-50 8. paul carruthers: 50-55*
  7. What are you even arguing here? That "Black Dog" is the same tune as "Dazed & Confused"? Your post is muddled. If you are trying to say that the Mobile "Black Dog" is the same as the TSRTS "Black Dog", well then of course it's the same damn tune. But they are not the same performance. "Black Dog" wasn't like "Dazed and Confused", "How Many More Times", "SIBLY" and other more improvisational songs. They played it with little variation for the most part. But even a cursory listen to Mobile's "Black Dog" reveals enough different vocal inflections by Plant, Bonham's accents, and Page's riffing to see that it is not the same as MSG "TSRTS" version.
  8. It's not verbatim "MSG". More proof your hearing is off. The 2007 remaster removed the great "Celebration Day" solo that was on the original TSRTS soundtrack.
  9. Two songs in and this kooky theory is already blown out of the water. "Rock and Roll" and "Celebration Day" aren't even close to the TSRTS soundtrack versions. Mobile '73 is a fine show but it was not used for "TSRTS". I hear all sorts of differences between Mobile and the three MSG shows used for the movie. The "Celebration Day" outro solo in "TSRTS" is a one-of-a-kind solo, never duplicated...not even at the other two MSG shows. Same thing with "No Quarter". I can hear the difference between Mobile and MSG. I don't give a fuck what some Youtuber says. Those algorithms are about as valid as Wikipedia or Facebook. Find another conspiracy theory to sell...we're full up here.
  10. Just thinking of the Dallas tornado and hoping zepscoda, Kingzoso and other Dallas people are okay. Good luck.
  11. It sounded better in the hall than it does on the video.
  12. Whatever works. You always seem okay to me. Best of luck going forward.
  13. The Eagles are not a good team. Final numbers will have to wait until after tonight's game but even if the Jets beat the Patriots, this week's winner is far enough ahead to have clinched the week. Congratulations redrum!
  14. Strider

    2019 NFL Thread

    How did Cleveland beat the Ravens? The Eagles suck even worse than Dallas. 😜 And the Bears are who we thought they were. Drafting Trubisky ranks as one of the worst QB picks in recent history.
  15. Strider


    GO RED! Kick Man U's arse!
  16. Lambs...Goff not so hot without a running game. Buffalo...Bills finally a serious playoff contender? Jacksonville...the goddamn Bungles kill me every time I pick 'em. Minnesota...how will the refs screw Detroit this week? I swear the Ford Family must have done something to piss off the football gods. They are truly cursed with the worst luck and the worst calls. Green Bay Indianapolis Arizona San Francisco Tennessee New Orleans Seattle...Earl Thomas returns to Seattle for revenge. Philadelphia...another week where Jerry's boy Garrett gets outcoached? New England...now, if Darnold beats the Patriots I might pay attention.
  17. There goes our chance for a "Damn Yankees" storyline. Oh well, congratulations to Houston for knocking off the Yankees. Now that it's Houston vs. Washington in the WS, I gotta go with the National League team. Go Nats!
  18. You're right. I forgot to mark your Atlanta loss to Arizona. I'll fix the numbers. You're still in third place at 56-35-1.
  19. Rick, you missed picking the Baltimore @ Seattle game.
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