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  1. Allison Krauss owns twenty Grammys. More than any other female, and tied for seventh overall. Shes a Golden Goddess!
  2. I think its a Lakland Bass. But I could be wrong.
  3. Shes really super talented and she and Plant will sound fantastic. Love this woman.
  4. Raising Hell over Raising Sand! I love it... Two things about Allison Krauss Shes an amazing fiddle player. Shes an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman. Whats not to like about her, shes no Yoko...
  5. I am the herb man.... I am the Walrus! Goo Goo Ga DOOB ! My hero.. A toke for my dead homie Ahmet, rest in peace my brother!
  6. You may hate Allison Krauss now, just wait till you hear her sing The Battle of Evermore with PPJB at Bonnaroo, then you will think shes really cool. if only that would actually happen...
  7. I'm posting revenge videos of me getting it on with his daughter, wonder what kind of reviews he'll give that one. Perhaps he'll be "underwhelmed" ??
  8. Its a karaoke machine to display the lyrics! Does anybody remember laughter?
  9. I would hope that the throwing down of the mic was more of a spiking the football in victory or throwing down the gauntlet, rather than a gesture of disgust or anger. It. means a lot for the future, the true meaning of that one act. So I'm hoping it was Townsendesque. As for the topic of tears, Myself I cant stop crying , tears of frustration that I might never get to see Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham.
  10. Plant's voice was amazing. Everyone will of course think it was reserved compared to all the vocal fireworks of TSRTS But I'm glad he mustered a nice PUSH PUSH !!! push push on ....to Bonnaroo? god I hope so..
  11. Listen to the show, listen to the show, listen to the show! 12.10 is very very very good, they were trying oh so hard to get it perfect and it shows. Bravo to them, Jason is a rightful member of the band, no offense to John.
  12. Old English law of primogeniture allows the son to take his father's rightful place at the throne. In this case its the drum throne. So for me personally ,dont give me any of that three quarters led zeppelin crap. Led Zeppelin IS Page Plant Jones and BONHAM. Period. May John rest in peace, and we honor his memory, but enough already with the three quarters..
  13. For the kid whose parents wont let him or her see led zeppelin.. Hey when I was 13 I built an elaborate dummy of myself complete with wig to fool my parents so I could sneak out to go see the song remains the same at the midnight movies, maybe you could try that one, it worked for a while for me...
  14. Two factoids: Page said a few days ago in the BBC interview something like: "Theres something wrong with this picture if you cant get all four musicians to play..." (Led Zeppelin songs)", when asked about shows in the near future. So no US tour would be "wrong" plus right now there are negotiations that involve hundreds of millions of dollars, figures that Peter Grant even couldnt have imagined. See you at Bonnaroo...I hope.
  15. Maybe if we do some kind of outrageous feats of human endurance or semi-crazy stunts we can let the world know just how badly we want Led Zeppelin to play Bonnaroo, no hunger strikes please, ideas? Example: I would remain buried six feet underground in a zeppelin shaped tube with just a narrow airshaft for ventilation for a week to see Led Zeppelin at Bonnaroo... I would ya know...
  16. A TRIUMPH! I'm dancin the hootchie-koo because after all these years, the song remains the same. When I was a teenage kid I constructed an elaborate dummy of myself complete with wig so I could sneak out of my parents house and go see TSRTS at the midnight movies. Worked for a while. what can you say upon seeing this, words fail me.. -
  17. Jason played genuine Ludwig Vistalites, perhaps even a kit owned by his father. Vistalites are extremely loud, they sound like cannons, I've owned a few sets. Exceptional drumming!! a dream come true..
  18. "Theres something wrong with the picture if these four members cant play together" -Jimmy Page, on future gigs, as seen on BBC interview clip Tears of joy streaming down my face as i watch what i never thought would happen, a boyhood dream that vanished long ago and now a long lost friend has returned to my heart..
  19. You would think that the official XM radio Led Zeppelin channel would at least provide some O2 concert updates but it seeems that nobody is minding the store, just a robot that plays zep tunes .....disgraceful. still you can get a free trial of the all led zeppelin channel and stream all these cool songs and lousy reporting until christmas! glad I'm not paying for it.
  20. texting friends sent the begiinings of a song list yet?
  21. Consider the California connection.. Neil Young lived for many years in Topanga Canyon near Malibu, Jimmy still has a house in Malibu, Neil still lives in California, two guitar gods, Just saw Neil play Nokia in LA and blow away 7000 fans like a master giving a private intimate tour of his workshop..
  22. Sorry my friend, powerful force fields on site will render all mobile phone useless ! communication breakdown ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh suck...
  23. LIVE on VH1, sure, and.... There really were weapons of Mass Destruction The wars not about oil, its to help the iraqi people.. Bush is a really intelligent guy Bill did not have sex with that woman OJ Simpson is innocent and just one more lie.. Percy says its a one off , no more shows...
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