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  1. Nice Review. Sorry I am slacking. I'm listening to all 4 shows in order and will write back at that time. Thanks for covering the acoustic set - I think this sometimes defines the entire show. BofE is always one of my favorites - I will particulary listen to this as I am evaluating. I miss Bonzo.
  2. No worries - here you go. If there's a really tough one that you haven't been able to find, let me know and I'll scan it for you. Also, I'm sure you already know there's a Zeppelin art site (not sure how current it is though) http://www.zeppelinart.com/. I've been on your end of these deals and have totally appreciated when people put stuff out for me. Have some fun! Talk to you later...
  3. TSP is still producing vinyl. You aren't too young. Here's a site with the list of Vinyl that generally available from Europe although I haven't seen any new stuff in the past six months or so. http://www.swinginpigrecords.de/LP_Serie%202007/Tabelle_2.html
  4. Axe Man - I just got through the 5/25 show today. With all due respect, I really hesitate to call it sloppy. It isn't the quality show that Listen to This Eddie is, but it is definitely better than Seatlle in 77. If you are talking about the 5/30 show - I will yeild to your opinion since I haven't listened to that yet. I'll agree with you that any new live Zepp is always good. Interesting that everyone is saying that the guys are sluggish. LA and Fort Worth are both better without even a comparison, and I will even agree that this isn't the best show on the 77 tour. However, we have a
  5. Here you go, Sue. The inside covers are all the same except Jimmy is jumping a little differently
  6. Here is a quick snapshot of the final option. The next time I get the albums out, I will take some more pics.
  7. I got my Moonshine box in today. I'm a pretty excited. The mail during the holidays is usually slow, and this year was no exception. Referencing the threads above - I agree with many of the points made about the 77 and 72 tours. I think what gets me most about the 77 tour is the live version of ten years gone. If you think about it though, there's something unique about every tour that pulls you in (and it is usually unique per person). For the new boxset, I haven't listened to the new soundboards yet, so I will return a post when I do. This is my first post on this forum - I've been re
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