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  1. Well, since you've seen them already, it makes it easier for you to say no to that. For those of us who never did, that's a tough call. I'd be coming from the states, so the cost of the ticket is only part of the total cost it would take for me to get there, so 5KUSD for a ticket + Airfare ($600) + Lodging (~$300??) would buy me a ticket and, most certainly, a Divorce!!
  2. love, Love, LOVE Animals!! Totally underappreciated by most of the world. The Wall is in a class all of its own and stands at the top of my fav PF albums. The Wall Animals WYWH DSOTM Meddle Final Cut Roger Waters' Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking is outstanding. It was the alternative to the Wall. The band felt it was too far out and so PF collectively did the Wall and RW did P&CoHH
  3. i felt it was my newbily duty to post here. Zeppelin forever.
  4. Hard to call, but I voted for the untitled 4th album. That's the album I cut my teeth on, and also, I was born the day it was released, so it's inevitible that it will be #1. PG and II and I and HOTH, hell ALL OF THEM!!!! Words just can't describe how amazing they are.
  5. I read this as not ever released. This will be a brand new song, albeit ~35 years old.
  6. This Article makes it seem like they will be playing a song that NO ONE hase ever heard!! Live or otherwise!! Man, that makes my mouth water!
  7. Good to see an official site for Zeppelin. I was born on the day the untitled fourth album was released, Nov. 8, 1971, so I guess it was destiny that I would fall in love with all of their music. Saw Page in Houston for the Outrider tour and Plant in Baton Rouge for the Now and Zen tour. Page/Plant in Baton Rouge in 95 and also in Houston around 99? I'm torn on if I want the mighty Zeppelin to fly again. Obviously a huge part of me says yes, but there's a piece of me that finds it beautiful that they stood by their decision that without Bonzo, there is no Zeppelin. These rare reuni
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