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  1. Continuing on with Jimmy Page Throughout the Years, we arrive to The Firm. Until the pending release of "Celebration Day," when this ridiculous idea came to me, this band was completely unknown to me. Upon perusing Amazon, this album by The Firm popped up. Completely stymied as to whom they were. Never did KSHE play any tracks off of this, or their other album, nor did KHTR, KSD, or The Rock. (Remember, this author is a lifelong St. Louisan.) This, for lack of a better term, Super Group was made up of some pretty heavy hitters: Paul Rodgers on guitar and vocals, Jimmy Page on guitar, Chris Slade of Uriah Heap on the drums, and Tony Franklin (who worked with many different artists) on bass. Both Rodgers and Page had stated they would play no material off of their previous albums in this project, though the final track on this album "Midnight Moonlight" was based on the Led Zeppelin song "Swan Song." >>>PLEASE CLICK FOR MORE<<<
  2. Thank you.I think it's a far better album than Page and Plant. Celebration Day has worked me into a tizzy. I knew that watching/listening to the concert would rekindle some fires that were long since extinguished. I even decided to get all the Led Zeppelin studio CDs, instead of my four disc boxed set. I need it all. As with most bands, my favorite member is the lead guitarist. Jimmy Page is just a phenomenal player, writer, and studio hand, but thinking back to his post Zeppelin work left me somewhat unfulfilled. Plant's stuff has gotten all kinds of attention, and the fact that he's been far busier and harder working is not lost on me. So, I decided I was going to set the way-back machine to Jimmy Page. I'm going to take a look back at four, at least, of his post Zeppelin efforts. I will not be entertaining "No Quarter," "Live At the Greek," or anything else I'm unaware of that's primarily Led Zeppelin revisited. I want to see what the man has written since the day Zeppelin announced they were breaking up. >>>CLICK FOR MORE<<< Of course.... CELEBRATION DAY Do you remember when you first started owning music? I do. In the span of four days I got my first two records. The first was "Live Evil" by Dio fronted Black Sabbath, but the second was "Led Zeppelin III." I wore that cassette out. That began my fandom of the greatest band in the history of the world, Led Zeppelin, not that Black Sabbath was shabby! I've always had a spot for 70's classic rock really. I could talk about that for the next ten years, but that's not what today is about. Today is about Led Zeppelin and I just finished watching the blu-ray of "Celebration Day." Page and the boys took a page from the Doors and didn't include what should have been the title track on the release, but I'm not going to judge. I can remember 2007. Out of nowhere, it was announced that Led Zeppelin, with Jason Bonham on drums, would be reuniting for one night only. Over 20 million people put in for a lottery to get tickets to the show. I always said that I'd give up a kidney to see them play and this is coming from a person who saw Page and Plant and that was awesome, but sadly it was one of the many near Led Zeppelin moments. I remember watching the internets for weeks in the hopes of a tour that never came. Being in St. Louis, I didn't get to see or hear anything. I do realize now that I could've just popped onto YouTube and probably seen bits. >>>CLICK FOR MORE<<< Coverdale and Paget could've been something more than just a footnote in the history of Jimmy Page. Next up in my Jimmy Page "The Forgotten Years" series is The Firm.
  3. I've decided to return to my series that I've unofficially been calling "Jimmy Page Through The Years," or "The Forgotten Years." I do still need to purchase at least one more album, and then I'll have all of the source material. I think in the end, I'm going to need to purchase two. Continuing with my idea of revisiting much of the work that Jimmy Page has done between Led Zeppelin and "Celebration Day," we arrive at Coverdale and Page. I've never been much of a Whitesnake fan and I've always felt that there have been some similarities between David Coverdale and Robert Plant. I'm not going to say that he was ripping off Mr. Plant, but I think the similarities are too large to ignore. In fact there was a song that I heard over and over on rock radio that I thought was a Zeppelin tune, but it turned out to be a Whitesnake song. We all know whom Jimmy Page is. I really think he is the most valuable rocker of all time: writer, producer, arranger, musician. Before I gush too much, let's dig into this record, again with eyes unclouded. >>>CLICK FOR MORE<<<
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