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  1. Unsure if this LP has been discussed before, but yesterday, I received (got back) my original "Led Zeppelin II" LP from my Brother. And, as luck would have it, it's the "RL" Mastered LP! I remember buying it on the very day of its release in Fall, 1969. Now, I've been used to the muddy, echo-laden 2nd Release of this LP for many decades now & hearing the Ludwig 'version' was a REVELATION!!!!!!! I never paid much attention in '69. I'm sure my Stereo wasn't the best. But, when I compared the 2 yesterday, I was blown away at JUST how much hotter the mastering is!! The Bass jumps out
  2. Alvin & JP ..... my 2 Fave Guitarists. Alvin was SOOOOOOOO much more than "I'm Going Home". RIP, Mr. Lee......
  3. 1 - Travelling Riverside Blues 2 - Custard Pie 3 - We're Gonna Groove 4 - Celebration Day 5 - The Song Remains The Same (not necessarily in order & subject to change 'Come Tomorrow.....')
  4. Yeah, Plant just let it rip early on. He was a kid & just did what came naturally for him. Those high notes & all the power behind it were easy then. By "LZ III" he'd learned an easier way to sing ..... still hitting those high notes; but not so much strain on the Voice. Almost like a combination of a regular & falsetto Voice. Having sang (sung??) in various Bands over the years myself, I'm amazed his range AND power remained for as long as it did!!!! Singing, screaming many nights in a row, smoking (as Sag. Rising said), heat, air-conditioning, drinking; etc. ~ it was inevit
  5. I wholeheartedly agree w/ you, Mattmc1973!! I've followed LZ from day-one & the 'Time-Frame' of his Vocal changes you state is the same as I see it. I've also wondered how Robert was affected by this ..... seeing his once mighty Voice go thru the changes (however subtle over time). He HAD to feel it was temporary & that 'any day now' it'll be like the early days again. In those early years, NO one came close to his power & range!!! We'll never have another like him & all we need do now is simply pop in a CD/DVD & there he is again ..... in all his glory!!
  6. Agreed, Melcórë ..... although in the U.S., "Trampled Under Foot" ~ in Mono ~ was in a Promo 45 only. The Commercial release was in Stereo.
  7. I know of the "usual 3" LP's in the U.S. "Atlantic" MONO Promo's (LZ II ..... LZ III ..... Houses Of The Holy). But, were there OTHERS pressed by 'Atlantic' in their "Monaural" D/J formats?? I have the "Scorpio" 3-CD set & personally, I really LIKE the Songs in MONO ..... be they collapsed-Stereo or the "CSG Process" ..... whatever. Can anyone tell me what OTHER USA (Promo) LP's were pressed in the MONO format??? TIA......
  8. Right you are, "SC". Their mixture of Acoustic AND the Heaviness set them apart; Musically-speaking. Plant's Voice set them apart even further. It was SOOOOOOO nice to see JP, RP & JPJ all enjoy that "Lincoln Center" version of "Stairway..." !!!! They loved it!! Don
  9. I'll be 63 in March & have been a Fan since hearing their 1st LP in early '69. It was like NOTHING "out there" at the time!!! We were all especially blown away by Plant's Voice; as there were none like him then (or today; for that matter). Long Live Led Zep!!!
  10. Their entire 1st LP (early '69). There was NO Vocalist like Plant at that time & I still remember the impact that 1st LP had!!!
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