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  1. I love Zep, seen them at the Ally Pally, five times at Earls Court, both Knebworths, and the O2. I love achilles last Stand, but i just about love everything they ever did. I wish we hadn't lost John...JB RIP.

  2. From one who will be there with my bruv: For all of you who: Have been transported by the Battle of Evermore Have played air guitar with Jimmy Have sung along with Robert Have played rhythms with the eternal JB Who have mimed JPJ's opening to Your Time is Gonna come Who have loved to Led Zep One Who have turned up the volume when the crashing chords of Dazed and Confused have come in Who have been the whole band while joing in dangerously driving your cars Who have embarrassed your children leaping around to Communication Breakdown Who have started, and re-started and re-played Since I've been Lovin' You to make it last longer Who want Kashmir to be the last thing you ever hear Who have ever queued overnight for tickets Who feel like going to the O2 and pressing your ears to the concrete Who have bought a magazine because of another retrospective angle on the boys Who know, simply know that Zep fit together better than any other band Who know the boys fill up all the spaces and go right to the deep hearts core Those of us lucky enough to be there will be thinking of you too, and saying a whispered prayer, and giving the boys the kind of reception that will make them want to tour for you all. and for all of us there I hope each minute seems like a lifetime. Much Love
  3. Dear All - Two brothers from SE London veterans of Ally Pally, 5 nights at Earl's Court and Knebworth - we've got 'em!!! How can two old sods like us be as excited as my 6-year-old looking forward to Christmas?? It's been a long time...
  4. There is loads of nice things. Absolutely go to Greenwich park, the Observatory, stroll out to Blackheath, where the Peasants Revolt rested and gathered before decending on London, and back down the Hill to the National Maratime Museum (see the coat Lord Nelson wore when he was shot!), look around central Greenwich. pop into St Alfreges Chruch (Thomas Tallis is buried there), walk the foot tunnel to the Isle of Dogs and admire the view back across the river from Island gardens. Take a 177 bus downstream to visit the Thames Barrier, and then visit the Eighth Wonder Of The World aka known as THE VALLEY, home to CHARLTON ATHLETIC FOOTBALL CLUB (if you're around on the Saturday...tomorrow, they have a Game against Ipswich Town...go and see)...all the time you will be conscious of the O2 dome, and the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf. Welcome to my (and Frinks and Lees) little corner of gods good earth South East London. Loads of nice pubs near the river too.
  5. Eso, LTNS, I'll contact you if Bro can't make it....but that is very very unlikely. Meantime good to hear from you as you're one of the select few with access to the secrets. Love Philo
  6. oops....the last night of their run at Earls Court i should have said !!
  7. Ally Pally just before Christmas (1973 I think). Three nights in a row at Earls Court one weekend, and two in a row the following weekend. Both Knebworths. I shall certainly cry my eyes out next Monday...and then enjoy. During a second encore at one of the Earls Court gigs they attempted D'yer Maker....anybody else remember? ...and the cartoon film before they came on at the Ally Pally?...the Ten Minute standing ovation for JB after Moby Dick first night at Earls Court. The day my brother left me the note I came home to the day JB died, was just about one of the saddest I ever had....I sat in a darkening kitchen for hours stunned and weeping. but.....my spine still tingles whenever I hear....errrm...just about anything they ever did, sometimes the guitar on the How the West version of 'since I've been', sometimes simply the opening, evocative, chords of Gallows Pole, sometimes the Organ starting 'your time'...just about anything. I love 'em....like all of the rest of you beautiful people do.
  8. Hi folks My brother and I have Zep as the soundtrack of our lives. I got two tickets!!! I live about 2 miles from the DOME, just south of Blackheath, and I am 54, my brother 57. Are we the oldest? Are we the nearest? (could probably walk there and back!). We both love Achilles, and first saw the boys at the Ally Pally in 1973 I believe, around Christmas. Will the set include an 'acoustic' moment? Maybe 'Gallows Pole', an early template for Stairway I reckon. Also....I hope all attending WHOOSH from the first moment, and Rock all night....and the boys will do encores if we all stay and demand it, two encores even (as at the Alley Palley and Earls Court last night). Love to you all Philosophical
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