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  1. In your opinion,what is your top list for best Led Zeppelin 'live' song.(Not the song from the studio,the one they play live) Mine is this: 1.Kashmir (especially Knebworth 1979) 2.Achilles Last Stand (also Knebworth 1979) 3.Stairway To Heaven (Earl's Court 1975,Seattle 1977) 4.In The Evening (Knebworth '79) 5.Whole Lotta Love (Royal Albert hall 1970) Anyway,this is my list. If you want to post more than top 5,it is welcomed.
  2. I want Chicago 1977 to be released.The 10th of April one.Kashmir sounded outrageously amazing...
  3. STH.I closed my eye and let the music flow through my ears.It's like having a Ferrari and you drive it through some great roads.The feeling is vibrant and it makes you alive. BR,meanwhile is like looking at a Ferrari.You admire it but it doesn't moves you. That's my opinion.
  4. 1.Stairway to Heaven 2.Kashmir 3.No Quarter 4.When the Levee Breaks 5.Good Times Bad Times
  5. Kashmir for me.Heavy without being mindless.Also Robert himself states that that song possibly the epitome of what Led Zep is.
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