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  1. here's my signed copy of the Zeppelin II album the band gave me for my 21st birthday, along with two bottles of Southern Comfort, a cassette deck and several US band cassettes from that period. The cassette deck and cassettes I still have, but not played in some time, The Southern comfort has long gone along with many more that followed those two, however there was so much in the day I can't touch or even smell the stuff now. I still have a bunch of shirts, fringed jacket and boots in a trunk, about six years ago my daughter wore the fringed jacket when we went to see a Zeppelin tribu
  2. Hi Percy_Plant Likewise thanks, I hope the short details were interesting for you the best of Day's
  3. Thanks, hope you enjoyed the short details, I may write more yet. The best of Day's
  4. Hi Nicey, I wondered if your still monitoring this post, as I was the only person with Robert when the accident happened then I can tell you it wasn't his Austin Champ that he was under. We were at the farm Jennings, I used to drive and do maintenance on the Champ and Bob asked if we could take a look at the muffler ( exhaust system ) on his Aston Martin as he felt there was some blowing on it. The Aston Martin was previously owned by British guitarist Donovan, Donovan had had it repainted chocolate brown paint exterior and customised inside with psychedelic paisley print material inte
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