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  1. Ever get that thing where you dig out an old CD for the car or whatever, and you get to a track you like so much that you play it again...and then again...and again...and then you realise you've spent an hour, or several consecutive short trips over a few days, listening to the same song? This happens to me all the time, idk maybe I have a high boredom threshold, but the other day I wanted something loud & earthy for the trip to the supermarket, so I grabbed Louder Than Love. When the brutality of Ugly Truth kicked in, I thought that was just great...but I knew what I really wanted to hear, and sure enough, it soon arrived. And so, for the past 4 days now, I've listened solely to Hands All Over, at max volume, screaming along to every single word. Does this seem strange, or do others experience this occasional extreme devotion? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XB3X2UnEIsc
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