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  1. Ever get that thing where you dig out an old CD for the car or whatever, and you get to a track you like so much that you play it again...and then again...and again...and then you realise you've spent an hour, or several consecutive short trips over a few days, listening to the same song? This happens to me all the time, idk maybe I have a high boredom threshold, but the other day I wanted something loud & earthy for the trip to the supermarket, so I grabbed Louder Than Love. When the brutality of Ugly Truth kicked in, I thought that was just great...but I knew what I really wanted to
  2. Inspired by reswati's comments elsewhere re Space Ritual, I wondered what other ZepStoners were listening to when they started out on the road to fiend-dom. When one of my mates summoned me for my indoctrination, he made the perfect choice - Echoes. That was pretty far out - the gradual build, the weird-out in the middle, and the glorious recapitulation and final, gentle release. In fact, I can't think of anything that would've worked better. Naturally, I was hooked.
  3. Former Liberal Democrat minister Chris Huhne and his delightful ex-wife & top economist Vicky Pryce were both jailed for 8 months this week, for perverting the course of justice. Many years ago, Ms Pryce agreed to take a speeding conviction to save her husband, who had actually been the driver, from losing his licence...although she later claimed that she had been coerced into doing this. All was fine & dandy until recently, when Mr Huhne dumped her for another woman, at which point Ms Pryce unleashed the full fury of a woman scorned, and announced that she had broken the law on h
  4. Lots of things annoy me, too many perhaps, but this one is becoming more commonplace and it really gets to me: unnecessary and racially offensive sub-titling. I was watching a crime programme last night, where they were interviewing a British Asian man (a doctor, in fact), speaking in English. For no apparent reason, they subtitled him. But I could understand everything he was saying perfectly well without looking at the subtitles. To check, I even closed my eyes...and I could still understand him, no problem at all. So then they switched to someone else, a Scottish gentleman. And do
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