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  1. Hey guys, I've wondered this for years... What is the story with very occasional footage of Jonesy and his purple/burgundy shirt? It can be seen in Dazed and Confused during the "San Francisco" section and later on in WLL just before the "Woman!" section?
  2. Ledzepfilm, you definitely hit the nuances on the head here. To a "T". I also noticed that Shepperton has the taller mirrors than MSG. I remember seeing other shows from '73 where they had taller mirrors than the three MSG shows.
  3. I just joined this Forum and it seems like I'm getting a little too obsessed with it already! Anyway... I'm still of the thought that the answer (or at least my answer) to the initial thread of "What night is TSRTS exit into the limos from?" would be various clips from all three nights (27th,28th,29th). Mainly because the one person who is seen in three different shirts is Robert's Cigarette gifting friend. Unless, of course, by chance that any one of those nights could be Baltimore.
  4. Richard Cole is not the guy getting chewed out by Peter Grant (Peter saying to him: "You're the f*cking controller of the stage you silly c*nt, aren't you?"). He is probably a MSG, or Showco employee seen in different parts of the movie. Richard had a pretty full beard for all three nights, which is evident in the airport and exit (limo) scenes. This fella only has a moustache.
  5. Please pardon if this has been discussed in the past... But, My gut feeling is that Bonzo also wore a wig at the Shepperton. It was obvious that Jonesy wore one, but even Bonzo's hair was cut shorter by August 1974, wasn't it? It seems that his hair was very long and quite curly for the Shepperton filming, which may indicate a wig. Also, Robert was probably 10 pounds heavier by the time Shepperton was filmed, but Bonzo had to have an extra 20 pounds on by then.... Any additional thoughts?
  6. Looks to me like its a blend of all three nights. Notice the guy (might be an assistant of some sort) who is giving Robert what looks like a cigarette. In a matter of 30 seconds, he appears with 3 different shirts. All button ups, but three different patterns... I'm sure some of the experts will know who he is/was, but it looks to me like 3 different nights. He's also standing next to the "older "dude (with glasses and greying hair) that Peter Grant chews out in the dressing room asking about "kickbacks"...
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