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  1. Wow what can I say! I asked and I received. Much love to you man, seriously I got a tear in my eye right now. God bless. So simple yet somehow I needed help. Thanks a million times over.
  2. It boggles my mind that in 2016 with instant publishing this is an obscure out of print CD. It can be had on Amazon, but i saw it for $30. I bought mine awhile back and paid a pretty penny for it. The more I listen to it the better it sounds. End-to-end it beats out Outrider and I think I am liking it better than the firm. I wish Jimmy would put out something new like this again, time he moves on from the Zep reissues. His playing sounds SO freak'n good on these type of songs.
  3. Thanks for the start and this confirms some of what I put together last night. My problems is I get caught up in the details, especially all the little fills and melodies. Keep the ideas coming and I will report back as I learn.
  4. My theory on guitar tabs is that a lot of effort was made by a few good souls when the internet was newish (i.e. 80's-90's) and since more and more of us are too lazy (or unskilled) to add to what is there. I am often surprised how things that just a tiny bit obscure are not really explored even for very popular guitar players. If I can get this down I will put together a txt tab page for it and upload it.
  5. I am trying to learn to play City Sirens from the Death Wish 2 sound track. I am unfortunately not very good at figuring out guitar parts. Has anyone ever seen any tabs, standard notation or video lessons regarding this song. Alternatively does anyone here know how to play this song and wouldn't mind providing some pointers. Listening to it there's not that much to it, but even something like the intro and the little fills give me challenge.
  6. Been doing some research on Jimmy Page's live sound. Found some good material out there that goes into detail on how to recreate his live sound for his Les Paul. Here's a good example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMkL1iFsqHU A lot of folks claim that Jimmy always had his wha wha on in the up position, used very little overdrive tweaked his tone controls etc. Anyhoo I am now trying to recreate his live sound for his double neck. I am curious has anyone explored this in great detail and do you have any pointers? I am most interested in his live sound on the 12 string neck from the TSRTS movie.
  7. Hey LedZepTributeUK, Just wanted to thank you for the licks. They helped fill in the gaps. I can now play up through the solo. Still working on some of the arpegios he does after the solo so if you or anyone else has them please post.
  8. Adding in the links to the documents referred to in my original post.
  9. Yup thats the one Im refering to. Great stuff, if only the camera was angled differently
  10. Led! Thanks so much. I'll try these parts when I do my nightly-TSRTS-practice ;-) Yes the funky part is a bit tricky, sounds simple but hard to execute. I'll report back. Thanks again
  11. http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/19688-the-song-remains-the-same-live-tabulature/
  12. Greetings, I have been researching (and practicing) on guitar tabs for the live version of The Song Remains the Same (as played in the movie by the same name). Unfortunately I have not found a complete guitar TAB in standard tuning of this arraignment. Additionally the more I look the more I find there are only really three tabs for this song that exist on the internet. Here is what I found: Strong debate and evidence that Jimmy played TSRTS live in standard tuning TSRTS Live TAB in the EADADE open tuning (various websites). Complete and well done but not in standard tuning. I tired to transpose this to standard tuning, but as you can guess it's not so easy TSRTS Live TAB of the solo only in standard tuning - well done, however it's just the solo. TSRTS Studio TAB in standard tuning. Multiple guitar arraignments and a lot of what Jimmy does live is not in the studio version An amazing video on youtube where a guy does a note-for-note cover of the live version of TSRTS Live (as played on the movie). While the video is on his fret board the angle is not the best to see the actual notes beign played. This video helps me a bit but still hard to follow (so many great moments and chord arraignments). This video is also evidence that TSRTS was doen in standard tuning. A so-so TSRTS Live video turtorial of vanderbilly. Many of the parts are not accurate (at least to my ear) and he even admits needing to re-do as he made mistakes. Unable to find offical tabs for TSRTS live. There is a tab book for Celebration day but in reading the description they clearly state the tabs are from the studio version of the songs. In all of the above what is missing is a complete tab in standard tuning of TSRTS Live. I know the main parts, have the solo covered but so many great chord progressions, arpeggios and runs that I am struggling to learn. At this point I am using the note-for-note cover I found on youtube to figure out those parts I do not know (nor have good tabs) but it's a slow process. I might resort back to the open-tuning tab and try to transpose. I'm also thinking of pulling together what I learned into a new tab and postign that online. But before I go through all of that I'd thought I'd come here. Does any know of, or have, a good quality tb for TSRTS live? Keep in mind all that I've study so far (so no need to point me to another studio tab for example). Thanks
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