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  1. What do you think is the best and why (Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit). Please don't vote for Jackson if you didn't read the books.
  2. Not necessarily a guitar riff. I'd like to read your opinions
  3. Where can I find the lyrics of TSRTS 2007 version?
  4. Yesterday I was in a shop cause I was looking for TSRTS. I found a Led Zeppelin DVD called "The Led Zeppelin in concert". I couldn't buy it because i spent my money for TSRTS, and the only thing I remember is that SIBLY was 12 minutes long and Heartbreaker was 2 minutes long. I think it was form '72-'73, but I'm not really sure. What can you tell me about that DVD? Is it rare? Have you ever seen it? What concert is that? Tell me EVERYTHING you know! More info: http://www.inmondadori.it/The-Led-Zeppelin-The-Led-na/eai802620806765/
  5. You have a new subscriber! Where did you find all that videos??
  6. Is there any good Youtube channel about Led Zeppelin? Like doing album reviews and stuff like that
  7. I started with buying Led Zeppelin IV and then I bought the others chronologically. I think that Led Zeppelin IV is a good start, 'cause it's a classic and it contains only classic songs from Led Zeppelin. I think that everyone should start with IV or I, so they know what are they going listen, if you understand. I mean, you can't start with In Through The Out Door! (Don't misunderstand, I love that album!)
  8. What's your favorite John Paul Jones moment?
  9. I agree with you. Hands down the best music forum on internet
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