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  1. I was thinking that ITTOD was the last release before Bonzo died and I'm sure they were rehearsing many of the numbers to play in America in 1980. They played a couple of the songs in the tour over Europe (ITE & AOML)- maybe the songs brought back sad memories? Hard to say. In the evening would have been good and PP played it in 95'
  2. He likely was not invited and like Peter Grant his relationship with Page, Plant and Jones was poor. His ethics and attempt to "sell out" pissed them off I'm sure. Since Led Zeppelin's breakup in 1980, Cole has contributed to a number of unofficial Led Zeppelin biographies, most notably Stephen Davis' much-maligned biography Hammer of the Gods. Cole has claimed he was only paid $1250 by Davis for his revelations, which make up a large proportion of the book. Cole has also written his own book, Stairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin Uncensored, with Richard Trubo. Cole's book raised the ire of Page
  3. Page really dislikesJagger so I wonder if they spoke.
  4. I am curious from those who did go (as compared to those delusionist who claimed to have gone) as to what the pre-concert music was before Zeppelin hit the stage? How long between set until Zeppelin played? Curious to know.........
  5. Keep the positive vibes going, but be realistic too. Even if they decide to tour at their age they will probably do a relatively light tour - maybe 30-40 cities over a few months at the most. Regardless of it being a small or large tour, tickets will be a bitch to get! They really will and they may just implement the same lottery system as this show. Zep hated scalpers and they want everyone to have an equal chance..............just a thought. I'm praying for Seattle 08'
  6. Plant was bored and Jimmy was unable to solo. Give it up. They relied on special effects, a state of the art sound system and tape loops to pull it off. Jimmy was so bad! He cant play but anything he does gets praise. It;s such a joke. Listening to that crap Mon was embarressing!
  7. What do you mean allow him to play? Mick jones is not his daddy! Jason can tell him to F off at any time!
  8. What was the preconcert music over the PA prior to the show starting? What was the mood like prior to the lights going down? Details!!!
  9. Well said. I love Zeppelin. ALways have and always will no matter what. They have been my favorite band since I discovered them in 1973! I am 47! I only hope they do what they want to do and are not forced in to any big corporate tour and end up being sell outs. I am certain this will not happen. Rather they will do it right for the right reasons: Charity and or fun!
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