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  1. Lol, but its the Little things that make them great.
  2. I have a $100 bet with a friend, that's why I asked. If anyone can PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt its "blow" and I'm right, I'll PayPal you 10 percent!
  3. Fair enough, but both zeppelinlyrics.com and led zeppelinlyrics.com have "blow". I know they are just fan sites that's why I'm wondering if official lyrics were ever printed. There's also a site by a guy who said he's done everything humanly possible to get accurate lyrics and he says "blow" too.
  4. Is it "blow" or "flow" or one of each? Is there a drop dead OFFICIAL answer and, if so, where can I find it? (because the internet seems split when googling.) Sorry if this has been brought up. Newbie here.
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