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  1. Robert has got to face the demons between he and Page. He has been caught for years between his love for Page and his anger at Page. They just need to sit down and hash it out. Pretending there is no anger is pretty futile at this point. If they could work through all the anger that has been swept under the rug for so long, they could then realistically talk about working as Led Zeppelin. Robert also needs to stop belittling Page and Jones. Plant pretty much treats Jones like a rented piece of equipment, and is very condescending to both he and Page. As far as the money and grandiose ideas of promoters and all that..... If Plant wants to keep it down to earth and simple, all he has to do is say so. If he doesn't want to do stadiums and arena's, do multiple night stands at theatres. If he doesn't want to be a jukebox... fine... make a set list of material he wants to play. Zeppelin has a large amount of material that hasn't been played live (fans get bored too ya know). I don't think anyone would mind "Stairway" being dropped as well as many more of the "usuals" in the set. If he wants new material, I don't think the rest of Zeppelin is opposed to that. What Page is opposed to is being limited to softer material. Plant is opposed to rock-n-roll at this point in his life. Which I think is really a self-esteem issue for Plant. I'm sure if Plant said all he wanted to do was surprise pub gigs the world over... the rest of the guys would go for it. Finally, the way Plant keeps everyone on pins and needles, which he's done for years, is pretty tired at this point. Conversely, Page needs to quit putting all his eggs in the Led Zeppelin basket. He really should just break free, much in the way Plant has, and just start making new music on his own.
  2. I think, listening to the reunion show, Plants voice is great. He is singing with a little more economy than his younger days, but all aging singers do that. It can be just as powerful. He is still one of the worlds premier emotive singers. And at the reunion show, during Whole Lotta Love, he still managed to push right on up into a higher register during his big moment when the band has stopped and he launches into "LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVE"..... And honestly its refreshing to hear him sing the way he did on the reunion show. He still has a broad tonality to his voice. And that's what any good singer should have. Plant is a good singer, he doesn't need the banshee shriek to remain relevant and entertaining. I've seen him live a couple times solo, and I saw Page/Plant twice. He tends to save it for big moments, but he still hits pretty high notes on occasion. There's many a Zeppelin song where it's actually more pleasing to my ear to hear them transposed down a notch. It packs a little more punch all around. An example would be "For Your Life" performed at the reunion show. Aside from it being kick ass to hear it live... with it transposed down a step it gave it a whole new wallop compared to the album version. And I think Plant's vocal delivery on that song exceeded the album version.
  3. New improved version of All My Love from the final Zeppelin show... Berlin, Germany July 7, 1980.
  4. It kinda seems like people are having two different conversations. Some people are pointing out that other people had multiple tracks of guitars before Jimmy Page. Therefore he didn't create the "guitar army". Of course simply stacking a couple guitar tracks was not new. But what JP did was on a whole new level. He wasn't just simply adding overdubs. He was stacking tonal mediums. The next overdub always picked up where the last one left off tonally. So it's not just simply adding an acoustic guitar behind a electric guitar, that's pretty standard. But when you start using effects and guitar synths(which jimmy absolutely pioneered the use of) to create tonal soundscapes to back the actual original gutiar track(or tracks) you're getting into a whole new territory there. In later years guitar synth technology even allowed him to employ the whole guitar army theory in a live setting. He regularly blends stacked pitch changes and octave changes while playing live. No one has attempted to take it as far as he has. If you listen to Presence, In Through The Out Door then his solo album Outrider, then the Coverdale/Page album... you can hear the constant technical progression of the "guitar army" theory. And it is not just simply overdubbing. That's just one stage of the whole process.
  5. I would have loved to have heard something from Coda. Walters Walk or Ozone Baby would have been killer. Or even Darlene would have been cool. Always wanted to hear that guitar solo live, and it's followed by a pretty snazzy piano by JPJ.
  6. I think it's agregious they didn't at least include In The Evening, it was an established part of the set there towards the end. They could have dropped something like Since I've Been Loving You, not that it's not a great song, but it's already well documented in a live setting. The only other change I would have made would be to add Achilles Last Stand. I think another interesting option would have been to go to a sound stage somewhere in the days following the O2 performance and recorded a few additional tracks in a kind of live in the studio setting, while they had the Zeppelin machine gassed up.
  7. Well then... While on the subject. I am a sound engineer myself. Could any recommend a show that has an audience source and soundboard source that would be a good candidate for matrix mixing? Thanks Scott Texas
  8. Hi, I'm new here. But I'm a long time Zep fan/collector. I remember a few years ago seeing some recordings pop up that were being called hybrid mixes. People were taking soundboard recordings and audience recordings from the same shows and syncing them up and doing a bit of mastering to clean them up etc.. I had listened to one of them, it was from the Tour Over Europe in 80'. I don't remember which show exactly, but the hybrid mix sounded awesome! The guy really did a nice job with eq and compression etc. He even added a slight amount of reverb to give it more of concert hall sound. But I can't seem to find it or any others for that matter. I can't find any mention period. Anyone know if there is an information source for such things? Thanks Scott Texas
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