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  1. I guess not: http://www.spinner.com/2010/01/13/jason-bonhams-new-band-black-country-recording-album/
  2. I guess I was wrong: http://www.spinner.com/2010/01/13/jason-bonhams-new-band-black-country-recording-album/
  3. Well...I guess not: http://www.spinner.com/2010/01/13/jason-bonhams-new-band-black-country-recording-album/
  4. For some reason last night I was thinking about what direction Page was going in with his new album, and I was hoping he might form a power trio - maybe even go all out instrumental. Then, the name Glenn Hughes (of Deep Purple Mk III & IV) came to mind. I thought it would be a perfect fit - a bass player who is also a great singer. So today I Googled "Jimmy Page Glenn Hughes", and sure enough there are some rumors out there. The headline that stood out was "Glenn Hughes announces he is the singer in a new supergroup". So - I could be obviously be very wrong, but I have a feeling Jimmy Page's new band is Jimmy, Jason Bonham, and Glenn Hughes. If I'm right, this could be an amazing combo. If I'm wrong, it doesn't matter. Whatever Page does is fine with me as long as he does SOMETHING.
  5. Is it possible that the line-up for the "supergroup" is actually: Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, and Jimmy Page? Joe Bonamassa looks like he's booked now through May (with shows in June and July) going from Moscow to the US then to Europe - doesn't seem he'd have time for a "supergroup".
  6. I know. There's several different threads throwing around several different names. But, I checked Bonamassa's page, and he's booked with gigs through May - from Moscow to the US then Europe. It doesn't seem he would have time to be working on a "supergroup". BUT - adding Glenn Hughes to Jimmy and Jason - it does seem like a nice fit...a bass player who is a phenominal classic rock singer (I loved him with Deep Purple, particularly with Tommy Bolin). Last night I was thinking what move Page might make, and I was hoping a power trio, even if only intrumental. And then for some reason Glenn Hughes came to mind. I thought it'd be a perfect fit. So today I Googled "Glenn Hughes and Jimmy Page", and was surprised to find some rumors swirling around out there. Like I said, it was just a feeling.
  7. I have a feeling, based on some things I've seen on some internet forums, the band is: Jimmy Page - guitar / Jason Bonham - drums / Glenn Hughes - bass & vocals
  8. captain

    JPJ In Rolling Stone

    I find myself disecting every word too. The quote I found most interesting was: "That show was basically opening night, and I went through all those opening-night things — "Oh, I must remember that for next time" and "We could get out of that a bit smoother."" "Opening night"? "Next time"? I'm very hopeful.
  9. Just working off of what I've seen on YouTube, but "For Your Life" was absolutely killer. I still get goosebumps watching that. It was at that point I didn't feel I was looking at a "reunion"...but a rebirth.
  10. I remember seeing a photo of Jimmy back in the 80's with his family, and his hair was already all gray then. He's been dying it for years. Quite frankly, I like the fact he just let it go. I think it looks cool, and it kinda says, "here I am - take it or leave it".
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