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  1. There have been some good points made on this topic. One poster made the valid point that this article reads like that it was written by a 12 year old. The lack of sophisitcation kinda leads you to believe that it is just a tabloid making up a story to sell newspapers (which I know is SO unlike them). Yet on the other hand, there are untold millions who hold a Led Zeppelin reunion pretty sacred, especially in England. If they were making this up they would face some pretty heavy repurcussions and it would greatly hurt their sales. I want to believe this is real but I won't be convinced until I see the press conference where the band members themselves announce the tour.
  2. Actually, YES. I WOULD. If I had the best job in the world, that paid great and that I enjoyed doing and there was huge demand for it. You're damn skippy I would.
  3. Thanks. Yes I have always been very curious about what these kind of guys play when they are all alone. I'd love to be a fly on the wall. Also how they react when they hear one of their songs on the radio.
  4. There are certain legends of rock n roll. Guys who have been doing it for decades and will be listened to until the end of time. Obviously I don't exactly have Jimmy Page or Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger on my speed dial but there are certain things that I would love to ask guys like them if I had the opportunity. 1. When they hear one of their songs on the radio, how do you think they react? Do they turn it up? Turn it off? Does it depend on the song? Or are they just so numb to it by now that it doesn't even phase them? 2. Do you think they ever "forget" one of their own songs? Do you think Robert Plant ever forgets the words to a verse from a Zeppelin song from thirty years ago? Does Pete Townshend occasionally draw a blank of how to play a certain guitar riff from a Who song? 3. Probably the one I would be most curious about is what songs do these guys play on their own time? When Jimmy Page is lounging around the house by himself on a Sunday afternoon and he picks up his guitar, what do you think he plays? Old Zep songs? New stuff he's working on? When John Paul Jones sits in front of the organ in his living room, what do you think he plays? I realize these questions all ask for speculation in their answers. I also realize that the answers may be different for each musician. But I have always been curious about these specific questions. If anyone knows (perhaps you have heard an interview where a musician has covered one of the above mentioned topics), I would love to hear. Even if someone wants to speculate, I would love to get the dialog going. Thanks.
  5. Well...I don't remember all the specifics but it had basically all of the cheap sales talk that EVERY item on a store shelf has: "the best...the greatest...never seen before....like no other." I was just wondering what the consumer had to say about it.
  6. I was in Best Buy yesterday and saw a Led Zeppelin DVD titled "Origin of the Species." I have never heard of this one before and was wondering if anyone can tell me more about it. Specifically what I want to know is if it provides anything "new." What I mean is I have all their CDs and a decent enough amount of concert footage on DVD. Therefore it wouldn't make sense to "buy more of the same." Can anyone give me some more information on this DVD? Does it provide Zep nuggets that maybe we wouldn't have seen before? Rare interviews? Explanations of how they got ideas for certain songs? Because all of that I WOULD be interested in. But if it's just more concert footage I think I'll pass. With that in mind, can anyone recommend/argue against buying this? Thanks.
  7. Yes i saw this story as well. Page and Bonham have now officially said they want to tour. Jones has seemed to suggest he would like to tour. That leaves one holdout. Hmmm...wonder who that could be? All I want to say is "Robert, dump the tour with that girl and go on tour with led Zeppelin!!!!!!" Pay her a few million dollars in a buyout and get back to the major leagues! I would really hate to think that the ONLY thing that is keeping us from seeing Led Zeppelin is some half assed tour Plant has with a country singer. Unbelievable.
  8. I thought of another one that we have ALL done. You still listen to your local rock n roll station's "Get the Led Out"...even though you already own every Led Zeppelin album ever made!
  9. No way...Mickey Mantle...or Al Kaline...or Ty Cobb...or Babe Ruth...or Lou Gehrig (not Pete Rose...he'd probably pick your pocket to help pay of his gambling debts)
  10. Ma'am I think you have me confused with someone else. I never met him. A lady I was seeing many years back DID. A little postscript...she said she met Page 3 or 4 times. Basing it on the few times she briefly met him (and some accounts her brother-in-law told her), she said Jimmy is actually kinda quiet...but not in a rude way. She said if you WANT something from him he's not comfortable with that. But if your only motive is to approach him, extend a hand and say, "Jimmy, I'm the biggest Led Zeppelin fan....I have all of your albums..." she said he is actually quite flattered by that. He will smile warmly, say thank you and even talk to you for a minute.
  11. Sorry, sir. Lost touch with her years ago. But like I said, she showed me the picture of all of them together. I've always loved that story.
  12. A woman I was involved with many years back told me a story about Jimmy Page that I will always remember. First of all, I DO believe her. She isn't the type to embellish or sensationalize. Her ex-brother-in law, who is British, knows the guys in Led Zeppelin a little bit. Not like they're best buddies but they see and/or talk to each other once in a while. Anyway, this was sometime during the mid nineties. She, her then husband, her brother in law, Jimmy and about eight other people were having dinner at a place in Toronto (and she showed me a picture of all of them, including Jimmy, sitting around the table so it's no BS). On stage was some small time local band playing that you've never heard of. Jimmy went up to the stage and asked, "do you mind if I play a few songs with you?" I don't even have to tell you what their answer was. So Jimmy got up on stage and played a couple songs with them. One of the biggest rock legends of all time playing with a group of kids you never heard of. The guitarist in the band immediately and gladly gave up his guitar to Page and probably played tamborine for those two songs! Think of the story he gave those kids..."Jimmy Page played with us!" For the rest of his life that guitarist can honestly say, "Jimmy Page played MY guitar!" That's like if you and I are out in the yard playing catch and Mickey Mantle comes by and asks, "Hey...can I play catch with you guys?" Hope you like the story. Thanks for indulging me.
  13. I thought of another one. You hear "Heartbreaker" on the radio. Being the Zephead that you are, you have been conditioned to expect it to go right into "Livin Lovin Maid." Then when it DOESN'T (commercial, song by a different band), you think it sounds strange. It's like you're waiting for the other shoe to drop and it doesn't.
  14. sang "Does anybody remember laughter?" and "I hope so" while listening to the studio version of Stairway Yes! Excellent one! I have done that numerous times myself.
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