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  1. Wow, nice to get a call out on this forum! I haven't posted in forever but wanted to say 'hi' to Pilot, Paul, Helen, Celia and all the other friends I met on this magical day. The night before at the Worlds End was epic, and yes I remember trying to find Helen at Canary Wharf! You all are memorialized in the artwork I had created to remember this event as I have the picture we took at TGIF @ Canary Wharf in the frame. Paul has seen it since he visited me in Chicago on his Tour of America last year. You are all very special people and I feel honored to have shared this event with all of you!
  2. I know I don't post much but cannot believe I missed this! Lovely photo of two fantastic people who made my time in London so special. I'm *finally* getting around to having my t-shirt, ticket & wrist band framed and, thanks to Paul, the artwork will include a photo of us at TGIF Canary Wharf prior to the show. I'll share a photo when available. Vince
  3. The halftime show featured Zep tunes, then when they showed Robert on the big screen he received a standing ovation from the crowd. The interviewer asked about the chances of seeing him perform at MSG again, and also asked if he had to choose one song to sing to the crowd which would it be..."Kashmir"
  4. Haven't seen this posted here yet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3tMKDcMScI Vince
  5. I ordered my t-shirt on December 28th and it just arrived yesterday, 2/2. I'm in the Chicago area.
  6. ...I met a group of the most wonderful Zep fans, and people in general, I have ever had the priveledge of meeting. Traveling from Chicago and not knowing what to expect, I was overwhelmed. I feel fortunate that my extra ticket got into the hands of an esteemed member of this board (Paul) who immediately made me feel welcome and introduced me to so many great people. After collecting our tickets and wristbands earlier on Sunday, we made our way to The World's End pub in Camden, where other fans were gathering. What a time! Talking and trading concert experiences with others from all over t
  7. I live in Chicago and will be travelling to London on Saturday 12/8. Staying in Oxford Circus area.
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