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  1. To those who were wondering about Percy's morphing t-shirt, etc.: These pics weren't taken at the late Sunday afternoon rehearsal to which contest winners etc. were invited. It would seem the boys had been rehearsing at the O2 for a few days. At that Sunday rehearsal Jimmy was wearing a white dress shirt under the long black coat (same as at the show) and his symbol WAS affixed to his rightmost amp by then.
  2. Sorry for feeding the troll, but LOL! Best laugh I've had all day.
  3. Saw Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood, Ben Harper and Laura Dern, Warren Haynes and LuLu (don't mean to suggest that the latter two were together, but the others were ;-) ).
  4. Actually, I thought he might have been shouting out to Dave Lewis. Hadn't thought of Grohl. It's possible, but I don't think Plant would have been so petty as to refer to the whole Grohl-was-after-the-drummer's-job thing
  5. Unless I'm very much mistaken, when playing live the vast majority of bands tune down a half-step anyway, from A=440 to what's known as "stage tuning", so that the lead singer doesn't have to strain as hard. For the songs on which Zep did tune down at the O2, they were only a half-step down from that (i.e., a whole tone down from A=440: A to G, D to C, etc.). It was really no big deal, and it allowed Robert to go for the high notes, especially on "Rock and Roll," on which he dropped down a _full octave_ from 1972 to 1980. SIBLY, my all-time favorite live song, also had a couple of stratospheri
  6. TangerineMan, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Flying with GrandMeaulne on British Airways flight 94, arriving Sunday early morning. To the person who is into football: I'd love to try and see Spurs v. Man City at White Hart Lane on the Sunday but it may conflict with pre-show parties and picking up tix at the O2...
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