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  1. Hmm, this is very hard, but I think that my favourite performances have to be: Early days: 29-9-1971 Latter days: 21-6-1977
  2. My update... Looking back to my old comment , it´s funny how some things change. 1.Kashmir 2.Achilles Last Stand 3.How Many More Times 4.Since I´ve Been Loving You 5.No Quarter 6.Heartbreaker 7.In the Light 8.Moby Dick 9.Ten Years Gone 10.When the Levee Breaks
  3. My top ten: 1.The Rover 2.Kashmir 3.Achilles Last Stand 4.Black Dog 5.Since I`ve Been Loving You 6.In the Light 7.When the Levee Breaks 8.Hearthbreaker 9.Stairway to Heaven 10.No Quarter
  4. I votes for No Quarter , such a greateat riff by Jimmy
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