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  1. 1-Heartbreaker (Rough Mix) 2- Key to the highway/ Trouble in mind 3-Since i´ve Loving You (Rough Mix) 4- Thank You (Backing Track) 5- La La
  2. chapita

    Knebworth concert?

    Hey guys, what do you think? Which is better? 11 august or 4 august? I have 4 august in dvd and listen to 11. But i can´t decide between the two nights
  3. chapita

    One last song......

    All of my love from in through the out door or Since i ve been loving you from LZ III
  4. I wanna know what you think guys, for me these stadiums have seen the best of zeppelin.. What do you like more? Performances on LA forum or Madison Square Garden? Examples LA Forum 21/8/71 25/6/72 How the West Was Won 31/5/73 Bonzo´s Birthday Party 25/3/75 Last concert in American 75 tour 21/6/77 Listen to this, eddie Madison Square Garden 27/7/1973 The song remains the same 12/2/1975 Four Blocks in the Snow 7/6/1977 Magical Sound Boogie
  5. No, but the other set has The song remains the same In madison square
  6. Sorry but which one is the cube set ? And tell me if there is another difference
  7. Hey zeppelin fans. What do you think?. Is better Seattle of 1975 or Earl Court.? Seattle has a amazing version of Dazed And Confused with 43.00 minutes! Earl court has great acustic songs. Voice of Robert isn´t the best but i think that the rest of the band just were AWESOME
  8. chapita

    Top ten zepp concerts

    Hey zepp heads. Today i wanna know your top ten zeppelin concerts. My list is this one: 1-1975 Earls Court ( The voice of Robert Plant was very bad, but only in Rock & Roll. The first song) 2-1973. Madison Square Garden 3-1972 Long Beach Arena (How the west was won) 4-1977 L.A Forum 5- 1979 Knebworth 6-1970 Royal albert Hall 7-1969 TV france 8-1969Danish TV 9-1975 LA
  9. chapita

    Voice of Robert Plant

    He thanks to you too. I will listen Zepp at oakland
  10. chapita

    Live vs Studio: Which one do you prefer?

    Live. Compare Since i ve loving you live vs studio. Zepp is much better in live.
  11. chapita

    Voice of Robert Plant

    Excelent. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I will subscribe to your youtube chanel
  12. chapita

    Voice of Robert Plant

    hey zeppelin lovers, sorry for my english but im argentinian. I love zepp and i wanna know : 1)when the voice of plant change. 2)And if its posible i wanna know the worst concert of zeppelin PD: If someone has the full concert of sidney 1972 i would appreciate