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  1. Eyes are 20/20 you dolt. Now we know how much credibility to give the rest of what you say. Ears go into hundreth of Decible. For instance I hear to the 500th Decible, very rare but it enables me to here bullshit from a mile away. Feedback is a nessassary part of your sound, it has to be controled but sometimes even a cell phone can fuck with it. But you can also work it into your sound as they seem to have done (as always) with the limited sound I've heard so far.
  2. I want them to tour badly, but even if they dont I will be pleased enough with the DVD and a CD. I resolved long ago my issues with never being able to see them (I never saw Mozart either) but I vowed I would never ask again when I got to see P&P in 98, so I'm cool with that but, I will be begging on my knees for the DVD/CD.
  3. You will fail political science should you take the course, and I should say you need to take the course. Perhaps being thrown in jail without a trial for smoking pot in your home could be considered fascist. You sound like an anarchist, though the new type, the type that attends meeting with other anarchists. Curious.
  4. He was caught in ny where his affairs are in the papers daily right now and they cite him as caught with pot not too long ago. The Puffy thing was great. I think he did it just cause Puffy. Puffy is said to have a very persuasive personality, his real talent is bringing stars not normaly seen as a likely pair together to form something realy great ( and we know it certainly aint his rapping). He got Sting, made Mary J Blige's career (and if you ever heard her speak she was going no where but back to the ghetto until puffy came along) and his openly admitted "sampling" a little too much be
  5. First off, the balloting was admitted by all media to be for 10,000 of the seats. As to not kill the pocket book of the regular people most of the other tickets went to generate money for the charity, don"t think Paris or the spice girl didn't pay a pretty I mean PRETTY penny for that. As for the empty seats we have possibly only ourselves to blame. In the past zealous fans have taped mics as close to the stage (even on the amp itself) resulting in the poorest quality bootlegs that have tarnished their reputation as a live act. Now only the faithful still know how good they are while the gener
  6. The cost would be around $40 per household. Possibly 1 million people would order. I personaly would do privately and DONATE to charity, but I would not do it all for charity. Boxing matches in america on PPV are viewed by some 30 mil. households, if they drew 1/2 that, WOW!
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