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  1. fucking Cream......that one gig was better than anything they ever did.......I love Clapton, and Baker, but come on oh well to each his own Zep has prob forgotten about more albums they have sold than Cream has in it's entirety
  2. Vater "Chad Smith Funk Blasters", basically a beefed up 5B.
  3. "For Your Life" and as a newbie, WELCOME! hope you have felt the love thus far D'
  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahaha unbelievable!!!
  5. hell yeah!! the artillery he unleashes at the end of the song blows me away!!!!!!! sick again as well!!!!! every tune blows me away, Wanton is my favorite!!!!!!!
  6. it was a good read, I have read it a few times over the years, didn't think"Stairway" was well written however .
  7. apples to oranges...........................
  8. annoying?? it makes the ambiance of the song, along with those mentioned above. ..like the airplane in "Black country woman"
  9. Look. Dave is a good drummer, I am a good drummer, there are lots of good drummers, and I would go out on a limb and say that 99.9% of the drummers on the planet want to play with Led Zeppelin. Just that most are not as famous as Dave. So he is the one that makes the headlines/blogs, reports, whatever, so it's going to continue... Jason is the only drummer that is going to play in Led Zeppelin (I am pretty sure of that). If nothing else, these Grohl stories are one more issue to keep Zeppelin in the media, and thats ok by me. (not that I am anyone, but a fan ) Zep rules! Jason is
  10. are you in the states??? I INQUIRED ABOUT THIS ISSUE AND WAS TOLD IT GOES ON SALE IN jANUARY???? sorry about tha CAPS lock, too lazy to retype
  11. seeing Jason playing with the rest of the band brought tears to my eyes............. He rocked.. Drum question for him, if he really is on here- Did you use a double pedal, and what size bass drum did you use??
  12. "Thanks for the reply Popeye. I'm not an expert, but I remember seeing a tamborine on the high hat but not a cowbell. Mabye I am looking at the wrong place. If you see a pic, post it! Id love to see it! edit: my brain cells finally kicked in. John Henry had a cowbell somehow attached to his bass drum right? low but easy enough for the left hand, eh? "
  13. whats your source on this?? seriously, details........
  14. I enjoyed it, a good read. And of course there is factual info in it. It's like a movie disclaimer that says "certain portions have been fictionalized for dramatic effect" none the less, I enjoyed it. A great coffee table book is LED ZEPPELIN: Heaven and Hell -by Charles Cross and Erik Flannigan, pics by Neal Preston. A lot of great info and Pics !!
  15. that was the first thing I noticed............Jason usually doesn't use a solid front head, and as you know, it can take a while to get used to, maybe he didn't feel 100% comfortable with it.either way, he still ROCKED
  16. its all good, it just struck me as funny......
  17. I agree, he normally uses a 24, I wonder........... also, did he have any muffling in it at the show ?? he uses Zildjian cyms.
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