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  1. Zep without Plant AND Bonzo? That would be like The Who still playing without Moon and Entwhistle........... oh wait......... they did that???????????? See what I mean? Yea the music is still respectable and classic..... but don't call yourselves The Who. So I would love to hear more with or without Plant. But without , like has been said , please don't call it Led Zeppelin. That would be an insult to those that love them.
  2. I can't believe I did but I actually voted no. I remember listening to Zep while riding in the backseat of my parents Dodge Challenger on the way to the lake when I was a kid. Loved them ever since and use them as the measuring stick for all other bands I listen to now. But in their prime is almost how I want to remember them. It's kind of like when a parent or other relative grows old and eventually passes. You want to remember them young and vibrant , full of energy. Trust me... I can not wait for the show and hope they blow the roof off the O2 just to remind everyone , especially some of
  3. Actually , I think someone already mentioned it .... the "Led Zeppelin Concert" that is scheduled on VH1 Classic is the DVD that comes with Mothership. VH1 Classic aired it the same week it was released in stores and was also labeled as "Led Zeppelin Concert" in their program giude on Direct TV. Kind of a tease , but , still a good watch. And the best most of us will get that day.
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