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  1. Watched some 2013 live performance and 1984(?) of Judas Priest and must say that seeing Halford in the most recent recording walking on stage back and forth looking in the floor did not make me urge for tickets. So, better to do quality than quantity i think.
  2. Thanks for your replies all, do you have any suggestions on bootleg recordings ?
  3. I have been listening to 70's rock that my older brother played on vinyl and now soon 40 i listen to many of these bands on Spotify etc. Recently i saw the Celebration day show and the performance is the best i ever seen. After i had seen it i almost got a little depressed by feelings that something this good will never happen again. A few years ago i was at a Judas Priest concert where Halford seemed to drained his energy in the 80's. Not so with Led but chances they will perform again is small. Just want to know if someone shares this feeling after watching the show.
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