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  1. Oh, it happened my friend. If you had bothered to read all the way through this and other threads you would have seen photographic evidence that some people really are stupid f***'s. Anyway, I am only concerned about me. I was there and saw the whole fantastically brilliant spectacle with my very own eyes. Slainte.
  2. It has to be they kicked into Rock & Roll for the second encore. I was already in a frenzy, but this was the ultimate.................I had waited so, so long for that moment. Tears in my eyes just writing this post!!!
  3. Of course it was filmed professionally, how else would they get the images onto the big screens. I was sat way above the mixing desks and could see at least 12 screens showing images from 12 different camera's. I am sure any DVD will be top quality. Can't wait. Still buzzing after Monday.........
  4. I may be wrong, but was he not playing drums for Bill Wymans Rythmn Kings?
  5. Keep the faith man!!. I just missed out on Knebworth - only 16 at the time. Never thought the day would come again, but my dream came true. Thik positive thoughts.
  6. I was in 413, and we got our tickets in the 3rd Ballot. They were single seats only and I got one in row J and my Girlfriend one in row F. We thought that it may be possible to switch our seats on the night so we could sit together, but since all the people around were in pairs this was not possible. So yes, at least some of the rows had single seats which were not released in the 1st ballot. You would have thought that the organisers (or ticketmaster) would have known this and allocated seats on this basis. I was lucky - I was there. But ANY empty seat is such a waste.
  7. I know it is no excuse, but it was well publicised that the show would finish at 11:00pm sharp. Some people had tight travel deadlines and may not have got home if they waited till the end. Still, once in a lifetime and all that!! Personally, I would not have missed it for the world.............. 10th December 2007. I was there.
  8. Well not quite named, but certainly shamed. Unbelievable............. 2 guy's in front of me, in Section 413, row H seats 752 & 753. They were in and out of their seats all night to buy 4-packs of beer, of which most was spilled on the floor. They then fell asleep during Kashmir and were asleep all the way through the 2 encores. WTF I hope you are proud of yourselves.
  9. I was in the T-shirt queue next to Randy?...big tall guy, the pitcher, or ex-pitcher with the Arizona Diamondback's. I'm a Brit so not up to date with these things, but I did see him pitch at PacBell Park in San Francisco against the Giants a few years back. He was talking with a young American and said he bought his ticket and would not have missed it for anything. Sounds like a real fan I also saw Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky) in my hotel lobby. Don't know if he was at the show or not.
  10. My 'confirmation' has a ticketmaster Order Number which takes the form as below: 26-5XXXX/UK1 The X's are numbers but obviously I am not telling you them. :-)
  11. I think so. The link opens up the Ahmed Tribute concert page with standing or seating options. If you are lucky you can then click through to the add PIN code page. Good luck
  12. I don't believe it. I JUST GOT 2 TIX............Ya f'kn dancer!!!! I kept trying and eventually got the 'enter PIN' screen. At first it came back and said no tickets available, so I tried for one seat only. It came up with one ticket. My girlfriend was pissed, but she said go-for-it. My hands were shaking, but I got it. I then went back in again with the same PIN and got another ticket......in the same block but another row. I can only guess that they have single seats only available. I am Soooooooooo happy.
  13. The ticket office number is 0870 534 4444..............I'm on hold!!
  14. Thanks. I will give it a go.......got a PIN number but no tickets!!
  15. Phonenumber............Please, please, please!!!
  16. Do you have a phone number for ticketmaster....?
  17. Yeah - this is exactly what happened. I got both the links, standing & seated, but both are showing 'tickets unavailable'. GUTTED!!! What time did you get your tickets?
  18. I got an email from ahmettribute.com last night at 02:56am saying I had been that more tickets had been relaesed on a first-come first served basis. The email had a pin code and a link to the ticketmaster site. I did not pick up the mail until 09:30 this morning and although I clicked straight through to ticketmaster, I am just getting a 'Tickets are not available on-line for one of the following reason...' message. Anyone else get this mail?? I will keep trying, but would welcome any suggestion on how to get past this 'not available' page. Cheers
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