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  1. It's a small question to start a whole new topic on I grant you but I have to know or I'll go mad! This morning in the NME there's a photo of a kit that NME claims was played by Bonzo. I know I've seen it somewhere before, does anyone know when he played it and where? Here's a shot of it from the NME... Any help is much appreciated!
  2. It's a bad venue for sound, that's for sure. But you're the only person who has consistently complained about sound today, so that leads me to think it's you not the sound. Every fan review has said the same thing - sound problems until song 4, then sorted. It sounds like you let the sound inhibit your enjoyment of the show which, for someone who couldn't get a ticket, is disappointing. You were a lucky bastard to be at that gig, stop moaning about something not one other person is moaning about!
  3. I'm not saying that I'm certain they won't do half a dozen big shows in major cities. But he has a new album out and a tour planned for next year already with Alison Krauss. The reason last night was so magical was because Percy's heart was in it! He said only last week that the repetition of a tour is absolutely not what he wants. I'm sure he was flattered, delighted and overwhelmed by last nights response of the fans but if anyone thinks Robert Plant is going to schlep his ass around some 100 date tour you're all crackers! I live in London, those of us who live in or near the major citie
  4. Dear me. I knew as soon as you put the disclaimer on that you'd be a dullard - and you were! This is the equivalent of reading a review from a 14 year old boy who had been dragged by his parents. I saw a comment from a woman today on the BBC site saying 'I loved it, even thought I only knew 2 songs!'. And therein lies the rub. You did not deserve to go to this concert. I, like many other fans here, could not get tickets. I deserved to be in the O2 last night and people like you got a ticket instead of me. It makes me feel quite sick. Shame on you for getting this opportunity and throwin
  5. That's the weirdest comment ever to post after such a triumphant night. If you're just here to sell stuff why don't you just disappear to ebay and make your money? Read the reviews, you're wrong.
  6. I haven't read this whole thread but I suspect I may be in the minority here. I did not go last night and I was devastated, sitting at home getting live setlist updates. After the extraordinary events of the evening I want to say that I hope they do not tour. Last night was so perfect, anything else added to the legacy would sully it. Do we really want to see them doing some 30 date tour playing corporate arenas in Missouri? I know I don't. Plant gave everything he had last night, he does not have the desire to do that every night for 6 months and nor should he. He has earned our respe
  7. As the day is passing with no chance of ticket I decided to call the venue, because I know many people are going to head down there in the hope of getting either a scalped ticket, or one on the door that was returned etc. In short, there's no point and I feel pretty down about it. All ticket returns were sold last week (when people got passcodes the second time) so there will simply be no tickets at all there - unless you're willing to put a grand in a tout's hand and even then, I don't see how they can give you a wristband anyway because you need picture ID to get it. So in short, I, like a g
  8. They're usually outside the tube station - anywhere else and it's nowhere near the venue because there really is only the tube and the venue in that arena, it's not near any main roads or anything. I don't think the touts will be able to do much business because of the wristband thing, you have to give picture ID to get one. My best (only) chance is a ticket return at the box office. Eh, it's a one in a million shot I know.
  9. LOL. First, it's all wristbands, no tix, isn't it? Second, I've bought a programme from the site so that's something. Finally, I think having a wristband would make me feel even worse about not being inside the venue, LOL. There's bound to be loads of touts, I'll just wait til they get desperate ;o)
  10. In what sense? The chances of me getting a ticket are about as likely as ME playing drums tonight but what harm is there in even asking? Can't hurt! It'll be painful to stand outside the O2 and hear the low thud of the band but better than sitting on my arse at home, don't you think?
  11. I can't resist going to the venue tonight, even tho I have no ticket. It'll be painful to be there and not be able to get in, for sure. But I live in London and I'd rather go and be around the place than sit at home miserable...
  12. I don't see any other posts of this kind in the forum which either means people have given up any chance of getting one or they're moderated out of the forum, lol. Needless to say, there's more chance of Percy playing a secret gig in my flat tonight than there is of getting a ticket but here goes nothing. I'll take one, anywhere, anytime, cash in hand, whatever - face value only please. Imight be desperate but I won't rip off a charity gig (having had 2 offers of tix from 'fans' last week of 2 grand a pop) so if you want to be a tout go to ebay. I'm 31 and I've been a Zep fan virtually
  13. For those of us under a certain age this is as close as we can ever get and I'll take it. With a little luck a few tickets will turn up here and the owners won't be scalpers, as has been my experience so far.
  14. I registered but can't find my passcode, not that it matters I suppose. There's no tix left now anyway. I think I might have to go to the venue on Monday and beg. lol. Needless to say, if ANYONE has a spare ticket feel free to make me beg for it!
  15. I hate to break this to everyone but the sound is awful at the O2. Horrible. A certain section near the stage or central will get a good sound, everyone else is screwed! It's a hideous ice hockey arena of a venue. I saw Prince there in August and September, several times, from different vantage points and when I was relatively close or say 1/3 of the way up it was good. Anything else, rubbish. A great sound engineer can only fight the natural acoustics so much. Hopefully it'll all sound great when it's out on DVD!
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