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  1. Choosed S.I.B.L.Y. as first cause its a song that actually affect my feelings deep inside..Its hard to explain in words,maybe the reason its so awesome.I sounds so epic,and i can almost feel the suffering that Plant try to express with both the lyrics and his dramatic interpretation of them. Lemon song as second, cause it mixes the "slow" pace of blues with quick and energetics solos,making it a unique combination. P.S.:I didnt heard all Page's solos so far,but for me, the one in Since I've Been Loving you is the most beautiful and sentimental from the ones i've listened to.
  2. Well,their first song i heard was Kashmir,on a radio station.But i didnt knew it was from Led (i didnt even knew the name of the song,or that Led existed). Before that i remember hearing a wierd remix of D'yer Mak'er,but it wasnt the original so it doesnt count. After like 2 years or so(16 year old), i already had heard a lot about them,but didnt got interested.Then i was reading an article about the greatest solos ever, and read about Stairway to Heaven.I've saw this one a lot of times on Youtube related videos,so i decided to go and hear it. The raw awesomeness of Stairway was too supe
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