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  1. I had PIT tickets for the Woodlands show tonight! I am so depressed, effing hurricane! Yet I still have a home, so I shouldn't be one to complain. God bless Robert and Alison for wanting to do this. Think it's wonderful. The victims of Ike and Gustav are getting lost in the shuffle of bad politics and economics. It's not right. I sure wish I had a way to get to OK City tonight!!!
  2. Yes, they refunded them. Wish I could beam myself to OK City, so sad!
  3. So sad, I had pit tickets for the Houston show that was cancelled tonight before Ike hit! But bless Robert for doing a benefit, wish I could hop up to OK City tonight...but, hearing this today has given me some fleeting hope that I'll get to see him (and the other members of Zep???) in the near future!!!!!!! I did see RP/AK in Dallas in July, and sat next to a guy who said that his road manager was the same as RP/AKs (his name is Brennin Hunt, Nashville musician I was not familiar with until meeting him), and he told me then that there would indeed be a Zep reunion, that the "inside" b
  4. Yes, the one written by Johnny Horton. Robert asked the crowd if we had heard of the "Singing Fisherman", who is Johnny Horton. It was very cool. Here's a vid I took of it, sorry about the shaky video, I just couldn't stand still! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=bzH4KDOpzf8
  5. Here are a couple of youtube vids from the Jazz Fest show, When the Levee Breaks and Black Country Woman, both of which were mind-numbingly good! Please excuse me for the shaky camera, I was so excited!
  6. Here's another Jazz Fest vid, Black Country Woman, one of my fav songs of all time! And I got to see it live, please pinch me someone
  7. Went to Jazz Fest and am just now having time to post and upload some stuff to youtube. The show was so so much fun! Didn't get great pics but did get some vids. I was on the rail to the left and had a good view of the big monitor, so took some closeups that way. I loved loved loved Black Country Woman. Did Zep ever do that song live? And When the Levee Breaks, ahhhh, now that was appropo for sure in New Orleans. Started to rain just a little when they did that song, but it was so powerful it held back the flood, that happened during Dr. John and Billy Joel the next day... Here is t
  8. Here's another one that you can use to customize your own schedule: http://www.nojazzfest.com/ I am leaving this afternoon! Robert tomorrow afternoon!!! Anyone else here going??
  9. I am going to Jazz Fest, can't wait to see Robert and Alison! I love their voices together. Their version of When the Levee Breaks with Alison singing is amazing! I love Jazz Fest in general, am excited about seeing Al Green, Allen Toussaint and Elvis Costello together, and a lot of the NO "regulars", Irma Thomas, Terrence Simien, Cowboy Mouth, Tab Benoit, and the list goes on and on.
  10. It was wonderful! When the Levee Breaks was beautifully done by Alison, and Black Dog was smokingly sexy! They have great chemistry together.
  11. Wow, I can't believe all of this crazy speculation! I heard just now on Sirius radio, the Classic Vinyl station that plays Led Zep, that Robert Plant, Alison Krauss AND Led Zep were all on the lineup for Bonaroo! Does somebody know something that isn't being announced? I'm going to email the DJ and find out where she got her info... If people are taking the mistake this far, a lot of people are gonna be freakin' out!
  12. Love Wolfmother, they have a great sound and would make a good support for Zep, if that had to happen. Earl Greyhound, from Brooklyn, also have a Zeppelinesque sound, they rock. Check 'em out on youtube: As far as guests, I would die happy to hear Chris Cornell and Robert Plant singing together. They are the best rock vocalists of all time, IMO.
  13. He does indeed look, dare I say it, HOT, and happy! Lovin' it!
  14. Hurting Kind, live, Amsterdam 1993. "All right, all right, all right, I got my eyes on you!"
  15. Geez, I just thought it was kind of a cool article. Love the pic of Jimmy, he is looking suave... And no, I wasn't jerking off at the time.
  16. This was also an article on Yahoo this morning: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080128/ap_en_...le_led_zeppelin I posted it on the News forum but the post isn't there? I thought it was news, lol!
  17. Only problem with this scenario is that Cornell has said recently that he does not want to perform in a band like Zep or Soundgarden anymore. He is totally and completely into his solo thing, hiring people to perform with him. I have to say the result is darned good, having seen his solo tour and being quite impressed, but I agree with you that Page and Cornell along with JPJ and Bonham could be quite the supergroup! I don't see it happening though. I think that Plant getting on with the Zep tour is more likely to happen than Page/Jones/Bonham with another singer.
  18. Nobody could replace Robert, but I have to agree with you about Chris Cornell. I would go see Chris sing with Page/Jones/Bonham, oh my, that would be great!!! Chris Cornell is only second to Robert in his vocal ability, IMO. I saw Chris several times last year in concert, and he did a cover of Whole Lotta Love that left me shaking in my socks. Earth shatteringly good. He did a version of Thank You that made me cry. He also did some snippets of IMTOD too, oh my Jesus! And to hear Page/Jones/Bonham do Soundgarden songs? Yes, THAT would be worth seeing! Still don't think you could call
  19. Wow, 20 Grammys to RP's one? That's pretty amazing! Alison Krauss is so talented, just of a different genre of music than most Zep fans are familiar with (me excluded, having Tennessee hillbilly roots). It gets me that people are STILL complaining about RP touring with her! Get a life and go see the show, it will be incredible!
  20. The Jazz Fest day has been officially announced! RP and AK are headlining the first day, just as was said! So excited, I haven't been to the Jazz Fest since '94 and here I come!!! http://www.nojazzfest.com/index.php?http%3...music/index.php
  21. I checked again today, it is Your Long Journey on Raising Sand. I think it was written by Emmylou Harris? I love RP/AK's version, gives me chills.
  22. And then onto the Jazz Fest in NO on the 27th? God, the suspense is killing me!
  23. Fate of Nations day for me... Come into My Life "Come into my life and roll away the gloom Come into my life Here where nothing matters Come into my life and roll away the gloom" Yep, Robert can sure roll away the gloom
  24. I read yesterday on the Jazz Festival forum that the official announcement on the lineup is supposed to be Jan 24th. Their forum is at http://www.nojazzfest.com/, but it is hard to navigate and is frames-based, so I don't have a link to the specific thread. Stay tuned! Edited to say that I found the link confirming that RP and AK will be at the Jazz Fest: "Krauss was clearly stunned by how completely Plant adapted to new styles – or, rather, old styles. “When you hear him on a traditional song such as Your Long Journey, and you think this man spellbound the world with how he sang an
  25. Yes! Robert in New Orleans! Woo freakin' hoo! And Alison too! OK, I'm planning my vacation now! Hoppin' over from Houston. Thanks for the info, hope it is indeed true!
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