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  1. Hi all, I was reading thorugh the piece on Classic Rock Magazine web site last night about Robert supposedly tearing up the Branson contract and there was a very interesting comment underneath. The poster was saying that it is common knowledge in the 'music biz' that the real reason there has been no reunion post 2007 is because Robert doesnt think Jimmy is up to playing to the necessary high standards. he also goes on to 'alledge' that Jimmy didnt break his finger falling in the garden at all before the gig and it was all a smoke screen while he got extra practice in so he didnt embarass hims
  2. Personally I would like have seen Jimmy do some production work in the 90's and onwards. I never understood why he's never been asked to man the desk for Aerosmith, once Bruce Fairbairn died they struggled for a producer to bring the best out of them. Plus I reckon Jimmy would have really pushed Aerosmith back to what they were good at in the first place. If they ever do one last album it would be a fantastic dream team!
  3. Personally I think that Jimmy may well have the same obstacle that Velvet Revolver has and have had for years now - there just aren't many REALLY top class singers out there who are available. I don't see him making an instrumental album and I think he just can't face having any other singer than RP. Maybe a debate on the ideal vocalist is in order?
  4. Many years ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine who was a huge Zep fan. He was just getting me into the band and after borrowing his albums I mentioned how they weren't exactly a 'chorus band'. He got quite indignant and said 'of course they have chorus's in their songs!' but when I asked him to name those that did he actually quietened down after 3 or 4. I can think of 'whole lotta love' 'hey hey what can I do' 'communication breakdown' 'ramble on' and 'living loving maid'. Any thoughts on others? I'm not knocking the lack of a chorus by the way, it's just an 'off the top of my
  5. Thanks all for the suggestions, it's been great to get so much feedback :-) She's picked her favourite today and it's the 2007 live Kashmir version! A close second though was D'yer Mak'er which I thought was a bit left field until she said it was cos of Bonzo's great drum fills. I'm a very proud husband :-)
  6. Hi all, I'm a newbie to the site and have what may seem a bit of a random question for you all but here goes. My wife and I have been together for 3 years and in that time I've been introducing her to my taste in music, including of course Led Zeppelin. When I met her she was a fan of Westlife, Pink and Evanesance but she now loves to go to gigs with me (Black Stone Cherry, Alterbridge etc) and is really broadening her tastes. Tonight we've been listening to some great music and before we went to bed she said 'Ok one last song, if you are going to play me the ultimate Zep song, what's it going
  7. Hi all, new member here. There's a tribute band called Heartbreaker that used to play a pub in Barrow in Furness a few years back. They didn't look anything like LZ but always blew me away. The singer was from Liverpool I think and would always start the show by asking if we had our bingo cards ready :-) The guitarist was a stocky short haired guy with hands like shovels but man could he play! He had the les paul sunburst, Gibson twin neck and the Danelectro! Unfortunately the pub was converted from a grimy rock pub to a classy wine bar and the band never came back after that.
  8. I think Jimmy had a lot of input into who took part in the doc. If u google Jimmys opinion on Jack it's pretty clear that Jimmy really rates him and sees him as one for the future. Personally I can't get excited about JW, his tone is awful at times and his playing really doesn't move me. The clip of him soloing in IMGL with the microphone attached to his guitar just makes me cringe.
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