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  1. I thought (I am probably wrong) radio stations had unique versions made for the radio (lot of compression)?? If so I would think it would be pretty hard to tell any difference.
  2. Yes I was trying to at least preview it. Now show not available yet. Oh well I don't need to waste the money on MP3 version when I will being buying the CD.
  3. I guess the rumor that Rhino would only allow one extra disc per album is false with Coda having 2 extra.
  4. I have both too. You should be able to exchange it. (depending on where you bought it of course)
  5. Have to disagree with Tea41. IMO the new releases are the best versions I have never heard. I had the cd's from the 80's and the 90's(still have them). I never did own Mothership as I already had all the music, but I thought it was a victim of the loudness wars.
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