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  1. Just curious to if there is any footage from LZ's live performance that focuses on JB? Like from the Royal Albert Hall performance or anything like that? I know that it wasn't really done like it is now for DVD/Blu-Ray where you have a camera on all the performers at all times so you can have this kinda thing now, but... is there any that had more of a focus on him pummeling that drum set?
  2. Yes, but what would you consider among the best of the best in equipment?
  3. To get it out of the way first, of course brands and loyalties to each are going to bias things here. I'm wanting to get out of this sort of thing in a way here... anyways: When it comes to listening to the rock and roll band that changed it all, in their highest "resolution" format, one want's to make sure you have the right equipment right? While simple ear buds will do the average listener, ,most of us here I bet are not just the average listener. This got me to thinking, what equipment would be best for reproducing this fine art? Surely that which makes the London Philharmonic sound pure, won't let the hammer of the gods guide our ships to new lands right? Technically all you need is something to fatefully reproduce sound from one range to another, and everything in between. But what ranges would be best? 20h to 20khz? 0 to infinity? I know I don't, but I bet some of you do! This of course is all great to talk about, though there is one thing that usually grounds this kind of conjecture... budget. Let's leave that idea out of this. This is talking the finest of the fine, after all we all know where you're going, and just where you've been... but where do we want to end up? And how do we get there woman?....(or man...) What equipment will tickle our ear drums just right for that blissful experience that only the best can bring our brains to an ultimate climax? How would you best reproduce that analog signal we all love?
  4. Yes, the HDtracks files (flac being the best of the verisons available) are the 24bit/96Khz files, and trust me... your mind will be blown thoroughly if you listen to this stuff properly! I mean like you will be sluggish for hours ;P... even more so if you enjoy a relaxing something another that I'm sure we are not allowed to smoke about, I mean talk about... EHEEEM..(excuse me)
  5. My first copy of Led Zeppelin I ever owned bought this morning on HDtracks... downloaded tonight... Listened all the way through and: mind thoroughly blown! I heard stuff I've NEVER heard before and I've had several versions of this stuff, including box sets, before... sad that the box sets didn't include these pieces I speak of. Now I know exactly why everyone sais they changed rock and roll with this album. And having heard both the CD box sets and various other CD formats, mp3 formats, etc, and now the HD download... I can definitively say that the remastered HD download is the best of the bunch. Even better than vinyl. You can really feel JPJ playing that bass like never before, Robert's vocals go into areas I didn't know even HE could go! I mean Jimmy's guitar man... holy crap...THOSE DRUMS!!! I never have had such an pounding on my ear drums like he gave me tonight !!!! Sorry for the weird grammar and spelling and phrasing, but I really mean it that the album blew my mind... very sluggish right now as I'm just coming out of that. Apologies, I'll give a better review later.
  6. Well, you can burn flac directly to dvd or blu-ray, it's just that a lot of players don't play flac (unless I'm wrong?) And with a proper sound card, you can output high quality sound to your stereo system directly from your PC/MAC.
  7. VLC doesn't burn, for that you want nero or something. VLC is a media player only as far as I know. But it is also the best media player out there, with the most customization available. Not to mention it plays flac files natively, so no plugins to download or anything like that. I don't know of a media type that VLC can't play heh.
  8. Just via the HDtracks.com samples, I can hear a distinct difference between the crop circles box set release, and the HD remaster samples. The music is of course louder, but beyond that you can hear the notes being physically struck even more so than ever before, the subtleties in the performance that is. There's information one can hear that just isn't there in the CDs.
  9. Thanks, will be getting them Friday. I'm curious though, again, when you get the official super deluxe set, where's the downloads coming from HDtracks.com? Appologies for being so forward with this, I'm just trying to make sure I get them from the same place every body else is .
  10. I'm beggining to wonder how much of this of late is LZ and how much is the record company(ies)? (LZ fan with just budding info lol)
  11. Ok, thanks for the info. What's the official site to get the HD downloads from now that I think about it, HDtracks? (probably, just checking)
  12. Anyone gotten the HD downloads and given them a good go yet?
  13. I remember my first introduction to LZ was the song rock and roll through the, I believe, 1990's dodge truck commercial(s)... though the brand is not what I remember, so that is dubious. I know there's that Cadillac commercial, but that isn't the one I refer to... seems youtube doesn't have it atm sadly .
  14. It seems HD Tracks is a fairly reputable dealer, and this may sound strange to some... but how reputable are they? (obviously I've never dealt with them myself, so I'm being overly cautious here... money not growing on trees as it is ) I mean any negative feedback from around here in dealing with them? I'mma go trudge the interwebs for more info in the mean time as I've got a few days to kill before I can purchase these beauts.
  15. Actually, not really. For a fan like myself who has heard and compared various versions over the years... yet never actually owned the material... a boxed set or at least HD downloads of a new remaster would be what I and others have been waiting for .
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