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  1. My first copy of Led Zeppelin I ever owned bought this morning on HDtracks... downloaded tonight... Listened all the way through and: mind thoroughly blown! I heard stuff I've NEVER heard before and I've had several versions of this stuff, including box sets, before... sad that the box sets didn't include these pieces I speak of. Now I know exactly why everyone sais they changed rock and roll with this album. And having heard both the CD box sets and various other CD formats, mp3 formats, etc, and now the HD download... I can definitively say that the remastered HD download is the best of the bunch. Even better than vinyl. You can really feel JPJ playing that bass like never before, Robert's vocals go into areas I didn't know even HE could go! I mean Jimmy's guitar man... holy crap...THOSE DRUMS!!! I never have had such an pounding on my ear drums like he gave me tonight !!!! Sorry for the weird grammar and spelling and phrasing, but I really mean it that the album blew my mind... very sluggish right now as I'm just coming out of that. Apologies, I'll give a better review later.
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