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  1. You are correct, Stevie was great. That's my short list. Notice also that Steve Howe, Roy Buchanan, Lindsey Buckingham, John Paul Bourelly (are missing. Shall we expand with to fusion players like Al Di Meola, Gabo Szabo, John Mclaughlin? If you haven't heard Bourelly, he is a twin of Hendrix. I have played his CD for friends who didn't know it wasn't Hendrix, amazing.
  2. My list is based on technical ability not songs: 1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Jimmy Page 3. Joe Satriani 4. Jeff Beck 5. Eric Clapton 6. Alvin Lee 7. Steve Vai 8. Gary Moore 9. Robin Trower 10. Jan Akkerman 11. David Gilmore 12. Eddie Van Halen 13. Gary Hoey 14. BUddy Guy 15. Santana
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