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    I have a band called Vanilla Sounded Chocolate and Jimmy Page is my biggest influence so our music really reflects that.
  1. ^^^ I have the Catalinbread RAH pedal and this baby gets the exact tone of that concert... Its made to emulate the Hiwatt Jimmy was using during that period. This pedal is amazing... it's really responsive to the way you have your volume and tone knobs set when used with a Les Paul with PAFs this baby glistens with Page tone! & it's honestly not a bad price either.
  2. I don't know much about the clones but I have an Orange AD30 Twin Channel Head & this amp nails Page tones like no other especially when I have my Gibson Standard Traditional Pro through the front of it..... Man ..... It's amazing. lol.
  3. On my Orange AD30 Twin Channel, I keep my Volume around 10 o'clock, Treble around 4 o'clock, Mids a little past 9 o'clock, Bass at 9 o'clock and Gain at 4 o'clock, My friends and I all agree this is a pretty spot on Page tone. The trick honestly is knowing how to use your volume in accordance with your tone knob. Im using a Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro 1 that's been modded with all for push/pulls for coil split, in/out of phase and series/parallel. This set up is great for all sorts of Page tones my favorite being Hots On For Nowhere & Achilles Last Stand, add a little phase 90 to the intro and a digitech whammy harmony setting for the ascending piece and you've got Achilles all the way!
  4. Jimmy is the whole reason I started a band in the first place. The way he take live improvisation to a whole new level really inspired me as too where you can take music off the cuff.
  5. There is always the possibility that he stepped on the cord which in turn will pull the cord out of the jack, I know I've done it countless times in live situations, If that is the case it makes sense as to why it was such a speedy recovery! Just a suggestion though!
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