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    music, string instruments, computers, dogs, my husband, my land, gardening, metal music, life in general, my love for LED ZEPPELIN!
  1. Hi Everyone! thanks for ALL the welcomes! You people that have the box sets, the super deluxe package of each of the first 3 Zeppelin albums, on the BOOKS I have there's a Zeppelin cutout...that's not on all of them? I'll have to display them and show you guys. I bought LZ2 first, then 3, and I just got Led Zeppelin (1) and it's soooooo effen COOL! it comes with a press kit! Like they just sent me Led Zeppelin(1) for airplay at the radio station....hehe...I say Led Zeppelin (1) in the parenthesis because I THINK it was meant to be their title album, I'm pretty sure that's what the guys had in mind, it sure seems that way from my perspective anyway. Now I have to pull out ALL my sets and take a nice pic of all of them! Just for you! WHY? Because I am metalgina, and metalgina LOVES YOU ALL!!! I don't usually talk about myself in the 3rd person but I just did, it was fun, thanks for reading that if you did! anyways, I have a doc appointment this morning so this will have to be my afternoon project. I actually am keeping everything in the original cardboard box packaging because, well, my place just isn't good enough to display them, I'm waiting to move up to Oregon where we, my husband and I, have 4 acres to build a house on! And since he does that for a living (yes! he has TOTALLY built all kinds of custom houses!) I'm waiting for my custom house, we just have a few more things to take care of here in Sacramento and then in the spring we're moving up there, it's going be GREAT! SUNFLOWERS and pine tree's EVERYWHERE! Plus, I may have a gig at the local classic rock station.....hopefully...Sorry about rattling on like this. One more thing....I finally get the first 3 sets all together, I even took the extra picture's of the 12" x 12" album covers and got frames for them so they cascade down my wall, 1, 2 then 3, it's pretty cool! As I was saying, I just get my first 3 sets and now they announced Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy are coming out October 27th and 28th!! So save up that money kids! well, that's all the time I have for now, I'll be posting pics of my deluxe sets later today so you guys can see the Zeppelin cutouts!!! sorry but I've got to ramble hehe
  2. Hello everyone! I just got an account on here this is GREAT! anyways, does anyone have any news on the next batch of remastered super deluxe editions of the Led Zeppelin albums? Like, Led Zeppelin IV, Houses of the Holy and Physical Graffitti? I got the first 3, actually I have 2 and 3, 1 is one the way...I didn't care, I just got one super deluxe edition each month over the last 3 months! Has anyone else got all 3 super deluxe editions with the book and all the media in the single box with the Zeppelin cutout on it? Ooooohhhhh I've been waiting my whole life for something like this! Any news on the next 3 would be great I haven't found any news about the next 3 yet, but hopefully they come out soon...or maybe next year....hoping hoping hoping
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