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  1. i have to laugh at all of you. that's what's so great about message boards. you can talk and talk til your face turns blue and it doesn't make a shitload of difference beacuse you're not talking to anyone who cares. to those of you who still want tickets, i would try calling ticketmaster, as we met people today who actually RETURNED one. we stood right there as it was happening. additionally, there are people at the venue who ARE selling tickets.
  2. my desire was to cover the expenses i incurred in getting over here. i thought that to be fair. my mistake for even getting involved with this. can't wait for the show. BTW, tickets are selling today for over £3000.00 at the venue.
  3. and that, my dear message board, is exactly what i did. phoned a friend in london who, along with me, is a huge fan of joe bonamassa (if you haven't heard him you gotta' listen - jason bonham plays drums on his latest CD) we are all set and i know i am going with someone who is as appreciative as i. and guess what? i GAVE the ticket to him. that way no one can say that i broke any rules. he does, however, have to buy me endless merch. at the show. peace.
  4. whatever. i tried to do something nice by offering a ticket to people who would be interested. i could have given it to a scalper/tout. i caould have done a lot of things, but i wanted to make it available to people who had a genuine interest in going. what i don't hear is what others would have done in the same situation. please end this senseless topic now. how do i do it?
  5. my, my, my... i can definitely cover the cost of the ticket and my expenses. i am also tuned into the marketplace and know that i have something of value that others would be interested in. not worth it for you to get angry. if you're going to be mean, then i could very well reply "well, i'll think of your sorry self sitting at home while i have the time of my life with everyone at the show!" but i woiuldn't do that, because i try to be thoughtful. please leave me alone. oh and ps: sold the ticket already
  6. added reply... sorry you're all so upset by this. what would YOU do in this situation? i thought i was doing the right thing by asking people who would definitely be interested. yeesh.
  7. okay, so i can't imagine that there's any confusion. the person meets me at the venue. they pay me when they have the ticket in their hand and the wristband on their wrist. what they pay me is subject to negotiation thanks everyone for your help!
  8. clarification: i am NOT asking for someone to "accompany" me! eeek! just trying to get rid of my ticket. thanks!
  9. am coming from the states - no friends can get it together in time to come with me!!!
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