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  1. The sad thing about ITTOD is it showed just how far the substance and alcohol abuse within the band had virtually stunted Page's ability and how tired they sounded. Bonham was totally wrecked by then the only two still compus mentos were Plant and Jones and from all accxounts I have read Plant was not on the best terms with Page by then. Jones was really left to pull it all together with Plant. Plant has said that they were too worn out to have done ITTOD any real justice, even the Knebworth shows were pushing them to their limit. Plant again saying he felt the shows were under rehearsed. I s
  2. Most of PG is a masterpiece, but it has flaws which appear to be little more than filler to my mind. If I had to pick one song it would have to be Boogie With Stu it's the one song of questionable quality that just seems to be stuck on the album with no real purpose. The album doesn't flow as it really is a collection of songs with no real sequence (not in the same way as the acoustic songs on Zeppelin lll or side one of HOTH). The music on PG is too diverse in styles from one track to the next to flow in a perfect sequence. The Rover to In My Time of Dying may not be such a leap, but Trample
  3. Hi, I was more than a little lucky to see the O2 concert in the UK in 2007. I saw Zeppelin at Knebworth on August 11th and Page and Plant at Wembley in the 90's. I've been a fanatic since the early 70's and haven't stopped being a fan since. Usual story, bootlegs to the ceiling, learning to play the songs on bass and guitar, jamming in a band doing covers of the songs etc.. Anyway. I have a couple of questions: At the O2 concert I was a bit amazed to see that Pagey wasn't using the Danelectro for the two most obvious songs it would have been used for. : In My T
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