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  1. Yes, I've been here in the bay area since 1969! Still here..... That bootleg would be interesting to hear! That concert seemed pretty short from my memory LOL! And I remember other poeple saying the same thing. But then again, we were spoiled in those days, and lots of bands played longer than 2 hours. The grateful dead always played for ever! And LZ were known for 3-4 hour concerts. The time they took to come on the stage that day, was much longer than the normal amount of time. Not 30-45 minutes thats for sure. I thought is was more like 1 1/2 hours or more. A lot of bands
  2. I was there at the second show, and from my memory, it seemed much longer than a 45 minute wait. The crowd was really getting restless, and Bill Graham came out and was pissed at the crowds reaction. People were starting to throw things, and boo. The concert was also short. They were good, but not what I expected as far as long guitar solos ect. The concert was less than 2 hours if i remember right. There may have only been one small encore, or none. Again, my memory is not what it used to be! I also went to all the day on the greens and concerts in the Bay Area. For some reason,
  3. I think he's talking about a second album with Alison. He had said T Bone and Alison were trying to get him to start working on a second album in January. He seemed alittle overwhelmed with the first album, tour going to start and the 02 coming up at the time of the inteview. So I think he was referring to he may be ready to move forward on another project with Alison and T Bone. Just my take on it. I really don't think he would say anything about a Zep tour while making Crossroads with Alison. He's seems very dedicated to the project and tour with Alison.
  4. I have a copy of this magazine as well! Its one of my zep treasures for sure! I picked my copy up at a store that carried past magazines and books ect. in Berkeley California in 1977.
  5. LOL! Trust me, we were all in a state of shock and awe. We then were lucky enough to have front row seats, and found out once we got inside that the first row was allowed to stand in front of the stage! So we got to stand right in front of Robert all night! It was a night to remember thats for sure... We should have done some gambling because luck was certainly on our side!
  6. Poor wording on my part. Of course the Reunion was huge and was all over the media. What I meant to say was, the expectations afterward got blown out of proportion, that they will get back together as a band, and a full blown tour ect. ect. I am one of those people that hope that they will do something, since I wasn't able to go to see them at the "02" either. It seems to me Robert isn't saying a definite yes or no because there has been no real decision made at this time. Its on hold for now. And I think we may not hear anything until after his tour with Alison is done. Also,
  7. I think people think Robert is full of himself because he is strong in his convictions. He has LZ's best interest at heart I'm sure. I've been a fan since 1975 and even back then, part of the allure of Led Zeppelin was the unknown, and their unwillingness to make the popular decision. They did what they wanted, and it was about the music. Not to make anyone happy but themselves. They made alot of people happy with their music without trying to, but satisfying everyone was not what they were about, or they would have made the same sort of record over, and over. Only Robert knows for
  8. I've been lucky enough to meet Robert twice. Can't say they were unexpected, but luck was certainly in the cards. First time was in Vegas of "02" the dreamleand tour. My friend and I were lucky enough to borrow a meet N greet sticker from someone who had already been in the M&G . we ran in and managed a quick hello and picture before Robert had to leave to go on stage. He was very sweet, and gracious, and tall! And the second was in "05" again in Vegas. My friends and I were out front of the hotel he was playing in about an hour before the concert and decided to wondered out bac
  9. Did anyone notice that in some pictures Robert is wearing a Tee-shirt, and others he has on a button up brown shirt? Makes me wonder if they had more than one practice concert, or if some were taken before they played in front of people? Also, just have to say, as hard as it is not being there, I'm a huge fan and have been since 1975. But can't be there either. No funds due to the falling Real Estate market in my area...... But lets just be happy people that this happening!! How can you be depressed when you see their pictures, and how happy they look playing together! We will
  10. My memory of the time, Led Zeppelin, and the concerts during the 70's in the San Francisco Bay area were great! I became a fan of Zeppelin around "75" a sophomore in high school. There were no MTV, or even much in the news of an rock bands. FM radio stations were the only place to go to listen to rock and roll. They were all underground. The air ways were mostly AM and pop music, with some of the more easy rock bands getting some air time. So there were a couple of FM stations that played Zeppelin. I remember hearing Stair way to heaven first, and loving it! Then after hearing more, wa
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