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  1. I finally received the one for Presence. It took a few hours though. I pre ordered ITTOD on vinyl too and got my Autorip..as well as Coda. That's really strange though. I'm not sure what Amazon's issue is.
  2. I'm having the same issue except mine is with Presence. Coda worked, ITTOD worked, but Presence won't for some reason.
  3. 10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod (Pod) is truly a major highlight of the reissues IMHO. Truly beautiful. JPJ is a God.
  4. Does anyone here like The Smiths/Morrissey??
  5. Is there any way I can hear the In The Evening (Rough Mix) since some people have it through Amazon?
  6. If you check out the pre orders in iTunes, you'll see that there's one song from each that has the tracks time next to it. Maybe the single songs they will release off of each before it is released in full?
  7. What about Swan Song not being on there..always hoped it would see an official release..
  8. So announcing the pre order on June 16th and a release of July 31st?
  9. Not sure exactly what will be on the companion disc for Presence. There's only 7 songs, so unless there's quite a bit we haven't heard, I'm not expecting a whole lot out of it. Same with ITTOD. Both are amazing and Presence is is definitely up there as far as my favorite Zeppelin albums go...which is hard enough anyway because all of them are my favorites. Just not sure what to expect from these last three.
  10. Still nothing on the Presence release. Figured they would post something for the anniversary of Presence being released but nothing from that either. Still hope for tomorrow
  11. Or maybe tomorrow since it's March 31st. The anniversary of the release of Presence
  12. Any thoughts on what could be next. The album was released on March 31, 1976 so they might announce at least the pre order on or around March 31st of this year.
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