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  1. Hey all, I'm Scott and I live at Bron Yr Aur, I feel very lucky, it is so inspiring. Check out our webpage if your interested in seeing what we have been up to for our 'Bron Yr Aur Project' . www.bronyraur.com. Thanks all. Scott @ Bron Yr Aur.
  2. Hi all, yes that was some entrance indeed! I'm Scott and I live at Bron Yr Aur and no I'm not trying to pick up girls or invite reddanger66 to have his chick meeting held here! Check out www.bronyraur.com if your interested in what we are doing now to celebrate Bron yr aur, some amazing not published before photographs and lots more. Thanks for reading
  3. Thanks, its been a long road to getting all the photographs to do Bron Yr Aur justice www.bronyraur.com
  4. At last a photographic book to celebrate Bron Yr Aur! Ok so this is a plug but I hope it's one that people on here will appreciate We have just received the first copies and we are really pleased with it. It's available on Amazon , just search Bron Yr Aur. Also you can find details of our Bron Yr Aur exhibition at www.bronyraur.com. Many thanks for reading, Scott @ Bron Yr Aur bron yr aur through time and seasons cover.pdf
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