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    I have some VERY direct lines to Robert Plant and here is what the "plan" is for 2008. 1. Robert was surprisingly revitalized by the recent rehearsals. The sound was crisp as was the energy. However, Plant does not want to do the Classic Rock tour that seems to be common with a lot of the 70s bands. That is why the group is focusing on some of the Zep Catalog that has not been overplayed and over exposed. This gives the band a chance to feel fresh at the 02 show. 2. Robert is holding all judgement on Zep future collaboration until after O2. Very important is how the sound is, how tight the band is, and how his voice can adapt to songs written more than 30 years ago. IF all goes well, then this will lay the ground work for future work. 3. Absolutely NO tours in 2008. Here is why. He has committed to his project with Allison and his tour is slated for spring/summer. He wants to give this project is total due, and does not want it in any way slighted or overshawdowed by Led Zeppelin. Robert feels this project is some of his bet work, and he wants a chance to see it to fruition. 4. Once the tour with Allison is complete, Plant, Jones, and Page will meet to discuss writing and recording NEW material. This will also involve Jason Bonham. The TENTATIVE plan is for the group to regroup in later summer/early fall 2008 to see IF they can make new music that: a. Excites them b. Is reflective on now, not a rehash of earlier zepp albums IF these things can happen, then a NEW Zeppelin album will be recorded. 5. Lastly, depending on reception of the new album, they will regroup to tour in 2009. They will showcase the new album on the tour, but also mix in tasty selections from their catalogue. So the bottom line is there are a lot of IFs, and not one is about money. Its about making music that is exciting. If Plant feels the group can re-capture that, he is in. Otherwise, this will be the last call. Thats his view.
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